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  1. Well, we know Janet's time is equal to Rohan's time.
  2. So we just set these two expressions equal
    to each other.
  3. Now this is a really powerful concept.
  4. We were able to use a variable for Janet's speed,
  5. relate all this other information,
  6. to come up with an equation relating the time
    for both Janet and Rohan.
  7. This is why it's so important when you tackle
    motion problems,
  8. it's best to organize your information in a chart.
  9. See if you can find relationships between
    the variables
  10. and any numbers that you are given.
  11. In our case, we knew that Janet and Rohan took the same amount of time
  12. to get to LAx.
  13. So we can set this time equal to this time.