Sacred Healing Ceremony

Sacred Healing Ceremony

A psychedelic medicine ceremony, is a therapeutic healing experience that provides a release of feelings and resolution of past trauma, it opens up a broader state of consciousness where everything in life makes more sense and life feels in better balance.

Paulina Alanis is a Plant Medicine Practitioner and Integral Transformative Coach. Her practice includes plant medicine, shadow work, the Enneagram model, craniosacral massage, mindfulness and inquiry, and healing rituals to support the client through transformation.
Since 2014, she offers therapeutic treatments and psycho-spiritual ceremonies with ibogaine and psilocybin for the treatment of trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety and PTSD.
She has a master's degree in Integral Psychology and she is trained as a professional coach by Integral Coaching Canada.

For more information about Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Retreats.
Please contact me at:
Paulina Alanis
+1 (360) 951-0210

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