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  1. Pacifica Radio in Berkeley brings you Lena
  2. Lisa sound for trade off a mole to fast
  3. multifaceted lady Lena Horne concomitant with
  4. I'm coming tonight with the publication of her autobiography by bubble day detox for Pacific
  5. box for Pacifica listeners from San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill
  6. Bobby hill my name is Jhene the Alessi Missouri
  7. explanation of the phrase nitty gritty
  8. I don't know why
  9. saying I think it could mean is truth
  10. truth one thing it could mean is
  11. is the sediment that's left after something then stir it up
  12. third of an there
  13. the nitty gritty of it is left off
  14. um it could be
  15. it the Belle bones of us skeleton app
  16. map of the bomb not even a skeleton that stuff that floating around left
  17. around left the nitty gritty of us another man
  18. yes what is a good phrases
  19. what color is a lot of tears are you mentioned a vagina locate in my notes with Jack
  20. note 2 can a #### it was an equation
  21. in between how people who live in poverty stricken situation
  22. stricken situations are best suited to become gourmets exam
  23. exactly and when you mention the Tula like to children's which Ralph Ellison
  24. Ralph Ellison call sterling I was made do you
  25. do you factory do I really like him yes I do and I had them of course of when I was
  26. when I was a little girl in the south and I also have no bananas Middletown I have in one eye
  27. I have them when I was a grown woman in many places and I have them in front
  28. I had them in France and I didn't know they want the same way they were in fact
  29. is a one fact put into a beautiful sausage and I can biting and I said
  30. NICET what is this let you know it tastes so familiar NFL
  31. NFL realize it was children in Paris how much is 11 times 12
  32. all I don't know I can count what images
  33. what makes you say that I was wondering about York problem with them
  34. problem with a mathematics with you mention mother is a tricky you really did read
  35. read the book into everywhere I have a block about number
  36. number Amazon what does about that it happened of course
  37. the cost of my father was a gambler and of course my mother said those that help tomorrow
  38. help to Long Island break up their marriage and I constantly was no
  39. never able to do a card game you know I'll be on time
  40. Tom of a kind of game you play backstage with musicians
  41. Anne and then um my grandmother
  42. who was impoverished woman suffragette wonderful
  43. really didn't think that money loss
  44. she didn't think of materialistic value pawn money was something that was important
  45. important as treason
  46. treated with dignity as a human being Ella women in my family
  47. Amanda hang up a phone number I wish I didn't
  48. did consequence I suppose it's your decision in life that's true
  49. that's true but the ice the Ico that is
  50. is money is so often made the value of something and
  51. and I have often than I was up until well we don't care
  52. kids really have so much about whether you extremely talented is how
  53. how much business can you do that right away
  54. lakeside Luck staying there on the moon dimension the word
  55. the word numbers this is not a psychoanalytic baptized in quite well with
  56. well with your father can you tell us about the numbers
  57. father was a number banca he wasn numbers
  58. my father los amigo man who who
  59. how to survive a hopeful l & M
  60. and in this sense of hustling and I need romance it mean
  61. it means that oftentimes if you up educate
  62. educated nail to get a job the most menu
  63. Annapolis all you had the opportunity to have a job you had to home
  64. you didn't wanna do that and you didn't want to work for someone who had left out
  65. les Talon left brain then you so you ripped your life
  66. your life you lead your life down on the line you hustler
  67. you worked with in many times criminals
  68. attitude it took a lot of God and on the one hand you chose that
  69. shows that have and have the man meg flava
  70. who is the man I know as soon as I said that I shouldn't have
  71. Shinda without explaining it the man is the
  72. the employer and the man who was usually the employer
  73. employer that ass off of the Negro man made of the right to be a hustler
  74. like an employee
  75. Spring Lake 1966 aqua man
  76. Man vs content of cards the man is the show friends
  77. send Mississippi the man in the coffin
  78. the coffin Harlem heights hey could be
  79. should be me grow because even though he's Negro man who is the head of his police
  80. police department is the white man do you work for
  81. work for the man at the Cotton Club in Harlem the Cotton Club is you describe it
  82. describe it was a Gerrish former speakeasy which cater to the white community
  83. although it was located on Lenox Avenue 142nd Street
  84. and effective was the Jim Crow place in fact 1 anime tone
  85. anime tone tone in writing the book because that was the
  86. the place that was the show case for me grow
  87. Negro Talent and one had to have someplace
  88. someplace to show on creativity Duke Ellington Cab Calloway
  89. call a great ass holes Negro people finally who worked on
  90. who worked under a roof in a cabaret that was a little better than a
  91. basement downstairs somewhere and not attend show
  92. show in the south a bump on the other hand out on the cob
  93. out on because it was a dreadful place of the woodlands
  94. bad working conditions little money
  95. no respect payday 2 creative people and
  96. and our own people couldn't come in for your phone 100
  97. 100 say too much about it because one then we get all of man fire to always
  98. tired of always and one with get all of cars
  99. girls 5 who took care of their families by 1
  100. trap UConn a joint 120
  101. toilet can flush line shoes
  102. pressure interesting questions this point is home
  103. how did you get your 16 years of age the Cotton Club
  104. your phone with you my mother
  105. truly dedicated creative
  106. best place to access how did you know that was resale
  107. what's resetas 1 Philadelphia wanted Washington want to New York where Neagle access contacts
  108. black leather why she know I get around the South alarm with air
  109. along with Ariel a traveling gypsy losing of the last
  110. face to work an 5n
  111. Kamala and had to go to work I had to quit
  112. I had to quit school she was ill and she knows something a girl feet
  113. omegle people who knew people work in the Cotton Club in there they took me there to be on
  114. how to build a shin and that's where I had to work
  115. work 1 Ave have the choice
  116. Toys in the old days is a charge wasn't very what you could VA
  117. home are o'clock
  118. you could struggle India teacher and you could
  119. do few things the home Avion
  120. Irvine in New York little corrupt a little cynical
  121. you are more apt to be a Hall if you could Megan and if you
  122. and if you were in a young to Naperville kids
  123. then as a teacher if you haven't had the education teacher
  124. all and specially if your pants have no money to make you anything else and I
  125. and I'd Minehead 9 so I went into the fair because the avenues
  126. yeah 3 Direction bed set noble Sissle into society York
  127. science York second your memories yes it does
  128. noble head up I guess I have had a very famous of a stroke
  129. Equestra he went over with a very famous make arrangements first wok
  130. First World War Hanuman Jimmy a gym near prophesied
  131. and when the war is over they have been taken up by is a castle
  132. Baron von Castle and so they told all over your place for dances and
  133. and Noble became the paternal a stick the Negro Lita
  134. need a man in my life when I was 17 half 18 years old
  135. so I went to work with his orchestra we played for middle-class negro
  136. Negro people like people on the road in town
  137. in town and he have the
  138. also talk to me while I said to me UMass
  139. you must be a lady now lady I don't mean
  140. I don't mean a lady who had does a no work and there's an aristocrat because she has money
  141. she has money and is weight on my people I mean a lady so that you are any of the
  142. any of the other stereotypes Negro characters and off
  143. one must be Nita and clean a
  144. clean a and more Gentile in attitudes so that one
  145. the accepted for the sake of helping other teen girl feet
  146. Negro Facebook I have to strain your lead to be many things
  147. many things to many people there were many feelings of ambivalence in your life you
  148. you had what amounts to appear a tentacle kind of ring front of the right reasons
  149. at the same time you were hustling on stage Asking people rhetorically
  150. rhetorically do you want me yeah thats thats frozen yearbook
  151. feelings of ambivalence these feelings of being torn
  152. porn the inner conflicts you had resulted in a lot of hang ups
  153. there was an episode in Cincinnati 205 Cincinnati Ave
  154. 14 mistresses full of an automobile accident we had just gotten
  155. just got this good job this rather good job the officer with a PA
  156. Pia how to play school moonlight gardens and uh they had never been
  157. they had never been like that hang up for the fall of never been the Navy
  158. I've been the Negro there be 4 you know the hangup of the quote first
  159. so are we know it was important to have this job and when he was in LA
  160. was a lady I had to go to the hospital and he said to me you massage from the band
  161. the band in my mind you hear Ave not know
  162. not know I just sent from the band around on the chair cost of the phone
  163. I was having to be the leader of Nazi do the job 1 of The Office
  164. one of the office to men can be the Lena it says no here again you saying
  165. you put a cute little kid of a girl you know in front of swing around fun town
  166. the banner of the first on a real husbands of the Negro Asiana
  167. think one of the quote the Bible said that's the way uh
  168. alright we decided that the holiday job and they didn't let me go people in line
  169. people NY Gardens how long long with the fact that the first band
  170. but I also opening night but the night of the Joe Louis smelling fight
  171. and I had never you know
  172. talk too much about pride I had seen
  173. I've seen your own a home Anna I knew
  174. and that's nice guys had the radio on back
  175. backstage and we will running of st. Setlist
  176. listening and my mother was over the coner to say nothing much attention of course
  177. I don't know what are you remember that 55
  178. that night I remember I was crying and the men love
  179. kind of phone kind of
  180. unhappy but trouble angry
  181. Tara Blvd and I was crying and crying from my phone
  182. what are you crying
  183. and you said you know this man when you cry myself but I don't use my
  184. he's mine he died Ann Summers from my phone to my mother and
  185. my mother and father voice MRI didn't know what I said
  186. Facebook my mother what do you mean he's your dog
  187. is mine and I don't want to be his house
  188. the first time I remember where is another name
  189. another nickel in that way avast
  190. I was on the phone with the symbol that we had
  191. impregnable didn't realize it we drew street
  192. true strength from the Sun don't think that they were meant to give us
  193. give us strength by the man
  194. just as Joe Lewis was the symbolic manifestation of
  195. what he was a man yes but of the year oppressed once of emasculated
  196. elated Negro man holding a kind of a healthy vanquish minute Mr Charlie you
  197. you have service a symbol for Negro woman who Dores do you see yourself that
  198. you see yourself that way when you see it was never a clear-cut about a woman
  199. a1 and anything else in this position there you are
  200. there you are with a sport fighting its clean a drive McLean school
  201. cool gel it was the masculine strength in the body
  202. the body the woman plays in the front of my position
  203. my position started with the has a half naked karrine stared at
  204. stared at going into more sleep como te llamas
  205. supper club when did you know
  206. what is that a you never felt
  207. has fuel and image
  208. image as average Joes dad and so you
  209. and so you kept yourself you know unless you can you try to keep is pure
  210. keep his purity of coke cynicism clouded it all of you try to keep this thing
  211. things for yourself and that's why I don't this kind of
  212. haha in front of me this hard shell this thing
  213. things so that they couldn't get to the last thing I have left my Anna
  214. I know right now purity and hours
  215. once a picture ass but you know what I mean
  216. do you know what I mean I have to keep my Nana. What I was referring to in the last
  217. the last question was this when you work as you phrases paste into pillars
  218. did the pillars in movie scenes you are unique because you broke barriers for other performers
  219. other performers at time of your life is a specially interesting the reason
  220. the reason I mention do as a symbol let me put this way is it
  221. is a representation of what the sophisticates in the Blake kind of Negro
  222. time does Negro community wanted to prevent xanax in CSI definition
  223. Cincinnati intro this but they didn't want to come they pay at
  224. they have Ave why was used to know
  225. no love by of many organizations of personal to get along
  226. how to get employment for other people but I was also used
  227. most uncomfortable for me to uh
  228. seem to appear to be a threat to the name of people who
  229. people who had to accept any kind of character chip just to work
  230. just to work Mantan Moreland yes of staph infection and sofa bed
  231. all financial times has to poop what would
  232. being what was said to be being negro
  233. stereotypical um its so funny I often wonder weather direct
  234. directions to say now days to someone on stage act like a #### what
  235. what is the meaning of life I need an online
  236. find my own family back to same way but anyway
  237. but anyway of the people there in Hollywood at that time in Eagle paper ticket
  238. people typically Hawaiian that kind of trap um how to write to reason
  239. to resent me very much and the ants
  240. and on the other hand Ave I certainly could
  241. certainly couldn't become a part of the Hollywood sign of
  242. a group of islands never allowed to abs really with another wipers in the same
  243. same as I was pan do the pillow so I could be cut out of the same if it went to
  244. if it went to places in the southwest conditions is really add just for fun
  245. just spend in midair between the between the
  246. between the down on Central Avenue in Albany GA Aurora financial yes
  247. yes 31 years ago is a man
  248. Louis Jones healing
  249. all the details person to your relationship with Mr Jones
  250. Santa Cruz Dr Prejudice
  251. income earned during that relationship
  252. I think you
  253. thank you must main factor I said
  254. Nicolas active precious is what B
  255. being a needs a man about to take your time and my house
  256. case
  257. did to marriage I said
  258. I said that they and nicotine and they any
  259. any qualities of being an evil man out in the street
  260. in the street working on his job and what he had to
  261. had to put up with made him when he came home
  262. Amanda demanded prodigious strings
  263. strength I don't know what I mean it's almost like Apple
  264. from a Negro woman she had
  265. had to be the buff a hand that heal a home loan
  266. cookout side
  267. Negro woman cat time being
  268. Tabitha and then a wife and then tender and in love
  269. loving and being and taking the meeting
  270. the Falcon and I think that's the crew
  271. the cruelest thing I said was completely
  272. unequip for and that was my first match and
  273. I was a very bad wife because I had
  274. I had to run to a marriage to get away from
  275. from what does the early a part of my life nobody
  276. nobody no pad no one nothing hated this explosion looking at me
  277. looking at me this way run to him and come to him with no strings attached
  278. wanted from him and he has not to give me and I
  279. when I was a cop just #### load Aneesa Ahmed marriage to
  280. marriage to Lewis Jones I know you been with for some 19 years to Lennie Hayton
  281. Lenny hatin which was a co celeb in itself but I digress
  282. address marriage to Lewis Jones resulted in a devastating expiry
  283. experience devastating episode in the hospital when you gave birth to your daughter gale
  284. Gayle hi guess we better not reveal the entire book
  285. Facebook so let's skip to another facet of your life miss Hornady
  286. Hornady musically oriented 1 Charlie Barnett
  287. Charlie Barnett who insiders a couple of decades ago call the
  288. call the mad map was part of your life origin of
  289. the origin of the mad mad sobriquet well in this day and age child
  290. Charlie would be called a blue eyed soul brother big ass
  291. how to do a song that he called me mad mad I don't know how it goes
  292. what came from Charlie was a madman in all its fine sense
  293. find sense musician hiya he was completely
  294. completely um the kind of the person that many
  295. that many musicians are there that they care so much about the music that they really don't know
  296. I really don't bother with stupid thing and the Negro people like
  297. people like him and a fact the big and it still is it
  298. love that one of the two white people live in a gallon accept them
  299. accept them at the Apollo Theater do enjoy that work and heat
  300. he said he had the respect as a musician he gave me a job
  301. job he had given a job to Billie Holiday al
  302. how do I say belly and I and tenderly I think you know that
  303. I think you know that and village
  304. UC was not a tough woman she was
  305. she was so the ocean was the open wound when I think of Miley
  306. Iowa compatibility
  307. and they killed have you know
  308. anyway she couldn't take it going to Paul on the road with the band
  309. the band they were right
  310. because of Charlie die on the standing of a let me see I have to stand
  311. I had to stay in New York can I pay me when I couldn't or south of them they a what come out
  312. what come out on the bus with me on the road when we went places in didn't want me any girl go
  313. Neko girl sitting up on the band fan with those white men Ynez
  314. and they come is a rated when I wouldn't be serving a restaurant in a walk that you know
  315. um I
  316. had the strength to stay with Amazon why did the side is Dan great guy I had
  317. I had passed to baby tonight I need to work bill and fortunately
  318. used as an example of two of the same position Miley had no children
  319. children and family and social Buffalo really
  320. help I hide from that kind of frustration there's of subterranean
  321. Iranian mystique about Billie Holiday and there's an overt
  322. there's an overtone mystique about the Humphrey Bogart currently boogie
  323. boogie help you I am on a Kindle
  324. does Hollywood to work I was going to open the Cabaret that never did get open really hot tub
  325. what to do when I did get a job in indepence day of high
  326. hi lived at wanted to have to get a facelift babies with
  327. do babies with s and the the management that I was wonderful God read this
  328. this place in their name and we moved and you know quickly and I
  329. and I was already hung up and doing the job in and everything and didn't
  330. remember to think like everytime you like a bad that I don't think like a #### you get enough
  331. you know and I had just let my god flip a minute nxnn do that was a petition Bank
  332. petition ban got enough for me to get from now to place an A
  333. I didn't realize it right across the street from us
  334. Anaheim this hall live Haven mall in parties and everything and people
  335. people fighting and I didn't realize it was a male celebrities naked
  336. and I didn't realize he live there until the man hub
  337. friends, 12700 and got just about to 501
  338. the one that got the Boca a boca who is that ad
  339. said he said get a petition
  340. petition out of my face in a few home home do anything to of have you
  341. have you all NFL Valerie listener
  342. absolutely vs threaten a punch the manager
  343. Montauk from home in about
  344. about two personalities and equipment with your life
  345. 1966 Josh White Paul Robeson
  346. Paul talk to me
  347. about being proud because I was Miguel
  348. Iredell ways have is pride this is
  349. Darrell almost kind of pride because my grandmother had said
  350. said you must be proud but she never told me on hola background
  351. 100 talk about it to see and then she died and I was getting
  352. getting warm or net middle class trap with
  353. #### who might have a job who didn't speak about it also I work
  354. I work today even at the time I was 716 n whistle
  355. whats the song with Asians but he never tell me the
  356. show me the reasons why I had a right to some of that try
  357. try you say Paul is the first one who can a man says your a gram
  358. is your grandmother was a fire in little woman who
  359. who chased me off the street corner and she was that
  360. that's really nobody ever told me that he said why she was a
  361. she was a wonderful Negro woman the Kashi
  362. she wanted to help people and she felt she has a right to it
  363. and she made this expression noblesse oblige mean
  364. mean being proud of herpes
  365. people.net nobody ever said he said he told me about
  366. what you know I read it in some books never
  367. books never learned in school little pictures in history I couldn't know anything unless I
  368. MSI really I had moved up by then from the south and that has been with me
  369. Nico people would tell if I couldn't do anything about it and he did
  370. and he didn't talk to me as a symbol of a pretty Needville chick singing in the club
  371. Club hey talk to me about my heritage and that's why I always
  372. that's why I always love you and I didn't even know he didn't even speak to me as a leader
  373. quotes Negro lead and so am I
  374. the crew to Hanks and only areas
  375. and Josh told me about saying about it
  376. saying about it and I couldn't sing you know and I was fighting method of inversion is it from wifi
  377. can sing the blues you know if I sell them bad but
  378. off to buy 1966
  379. I find mole animal
  380. of mice of calling upon the things of Paul said to me
  381. because of its as of now except
  382. except to use nono Lena WI we eat up I'll even know we we
  383. wee wee history to liters of weed we dream the week
  384. because everything move so fast but I don't think I
  385. I don't think I could have felt the kind of pain I did and the kind
  386. the kind of sense of recognition when I fall Alabama
  387. Alabama and hoses and Alton children if I had happy
  388. happy home handjob Anna
  389. so I wasn't unaware Allen Stone into it like a liberal
  390. I have a sense of identification you need an album is particularly
  391. socially significance of the mountain cell no
  392. no ban on classifications how to play it on the Pacific
  393. family
  394. find
  395. album 32
  396. you have 3 tequila least significant and I thank you
  397. thank you Harbor Road a couple of them if you have Obama doing tonight
  398. about the bomb how to be tonight Habana gala
  399. call Silent Spring
  400. Rachel Carson Papa DOE's
  401. little girls head was your proudest matter of fact
  402. fa killed by a bomb in church
  403. Church and I remember online
  404. the winds in Haiti right guy
  405. is it going to rain stocks
  406. tomorrow
  407. not a bird
  408. this train
  409. Thailand
  410. children hi
  411. and the rain
  412. is this
  413. web
  414. dream
  415. Spring High
  416. hello
  417. I love you man
  418. Silent Spring
  419. spring
  420. at the same time Adolph green bodycon dress
  421. the lyrics to now Angela stand for on the phone for free
  422. pharmacist make a snare benefit that I did Frank Sinatra
  423. is matter of fact you mention the hardest working yeah
  424. yeah because people at that time trade to have a name on check
  425. checks made out to speak now it's quite say
  426. well I did I was saying it
  427. singing without all of my tongue completely out of my cheek
  428. porn a sin 0 are in Denver
  429. indebted to you time spent with us
  430. speaking personally I am
  431. thank you so much thank you
  432. Spoken is a half long window I am
  433. unless you had a
  434. Pacifica Radio in Berkeley has presented Lena
  435. sound portrait of a multi faceted the Lena Horne
  436. the interview was the score to the family Hotel in San Francisco
  437. Cisco I'm a gene Dlisted