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  1. Today's question comes from San Francisco
  2. And the question is:
  3. What is Google's view on guest blogging for links?
  4. This is another one of those questions where
  5. there's a couple of ways to interpret it.
  6. One is, you know, really high quality guest blogging
  7. and whether it's worthwhile and I think it is in some cases.
  8. And the other one is: what if it goes to extremes or
  9. what if you take it too far.
  10. So, let's start with the easy case.
  11. If you are a high-quality writer, you know,
  12. you give a shout out to a Lisa Barone or something like that,
  13. she is at a conference, she is blogging,
  14. and maybe she wants to do a guest blog on some other blog -
  15. that blog should be happy to have her.
  16. You know, Vanessa Fox, Dennis Elevan, these sorts of people who
  17. write something,you know, on a different blog,
  18. in general you should be happy to have them write an article for you
  19. because they are bringing a lot of insight,
  20. they are bringing a lot of knowledge to that.
  21. So that can be totally fine,
  22. it could be a good win for the person who hosts that and who has that guest blogger come in.
  23. And it could be a great way for someone who is not quite as well known but
  24. writes really really well
  25. to get to be known a little bit better.
  26. So that's the short and simple answer.
  27. The longer answer is: sometimes it gets taken to extremes.
  28. And you'll see people writing, you know,
  29. offering the same blog posts multiple times or spinning the blog post
  30. and offering that to multiple outlets.
  31. Or it becomes almost like low-quality article banks sort of stuff.
  32. Like, I am going to send you five 'unique', you know, blog posts or something like that.
  33. So you definitely do see a lot of people where it's like:
  34. okay, I am going to write this blog post,
  35. oh actually I am going to outsource that somebody else's who is not an expert
  36. and then I'm just going to insert some hyper-links that
  37. I would like to get into you blog-post.
  38. So it's a long and time-worn tradition, to have a high-quality bloggers,
  39. you know, jump back and forth,
  40. or, you know, collaborate in different ways.
  41. Just be mindful that it can absolutely be taken to extremes.
  42. And in the same way that some practices which make a lot of sense
  43. when you think about it that with high-quality people,
  44. when you are just doing it and as the way it is when you turn the crane and get
  45. a massive number of links - that's something when we
  46. are less likely to wanna count those links.
  47. So I hope this clarifies that a little bit.
  48. There's definitely a case for the kinds of things where you really think hard
  49. about what you want to say.
  50. You have a message, you sweat over it, you have some perspective that you really wanna get out there.
  51. And then some where it is just like - okay, you know,
  52. this was 300 words and it's the bare minimum to get by.
  53. And for better or for worse I think there is a lot of that, you know,
  54. 200-300 words which is the bare minimum for a blog-post to get by.
  55. Whereas the sorts of links that we'd like to be counting more would be
  56. the higher quality articles where
  57. somebody really put some work into it and
  58. they have something really original to say.
  59. Anyway, hope that gives you a little bit of the feel for the space
  60. in which guests blogs might be a little more higher value and which ones might not be as worth the time for you to do.