22. Fear of death

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Death (PHIL 176)

Professor Kagan explores the issue of how thinking about death may influence the way we live. Fear as an emotional response to death is discussed as well as whether it is appropriate and under what conditions. A distinction is made between fear of the process of dying, and fear of death itself and what may come when one is dead. Finally, a number of other negative emotions are considered as possible appropriate responses to death and dying, such as anger, sadness, and sorrow.

00:00 - Chapter 1. How Should Thinking about Death Influence Behavior?
02:14 - Chapter 2. Is Fear of Death a Rational Appropriate Response?
08:40 - Chapter 3. Required Conditions for Feeling Fear of Death
22:06 - Chapter 4. What Is Meant by Fear? How Much of This Fear Is Appropriate?
34:29 - Chapter 5. Anger as Another Emotional Reaction to Death
44:49 - Chapter 6. Sorrow and Preciousness: Other Emotions on Death and Conclusion

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This course was recorded in Spring 2007.