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← Emacs Rocks! Episode 10: Jumping around - Rocking emacs tricks and tips screencast.

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  1. Welcome back to emacs rocks

  2. Today we're taking a look at two of my favorite ways of jumping around
  3. First out is ace-jump-mode
  4. I want to jump to the word "strict" in that "use strict" declaration at the top
  5. Wow, that was fast!
  6. Now, the third instance of the word rows in that return statement
  7. Again, straight to it!
  8. And I can jump straight back to where I started by popping the mark
  9. Okay, let's do that in slower motion
  10. I initialize ace-jump-mode,
  11. and then type the starting letter of the word I want to jump to: S
  12. notice how everything is greyed out, and the S is replaced by a red A
  13. I press A
  14. Next up is the word rows, starts with R
  15. See how all the words starting with R has its own letter?
  16. The one I want is number five from the top, or E
  17. Again, pop mark to get back
  18. I can also jump into the middle of a word
  19. by giving ace-jump-mode a prefix argument
  20. Like to the word "shape" in validateNonEmptyShape
  21. That was ace-jump-mode
  22. And it is ... ace!
  23. Next up is ido-imenu
  24. Depending on your major mode, it find symbols in the buffer
  25. and lets you jump quickly to them.
  26. I'd like to use pop-mark to jump back here aswell
  27. but ido-imenu doesn't set the mark before jumping.
  28. Luckily we're using a truly extensible editor,
  29. so I fixed that.
  30. Here's the script
  31. and you can find it at this gist.
  32. Thanks for watching emacs rocks.