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Tallinn City, Estonia Tour (2017)

Meet the campus of Mindvalley University, 2018: Tallinn, Estonia. Here, filmmaker Skip Kelly tours many awesome places of Estonia, where to eat, what to explore, and much more. Learn more about the amazing Mindvalley University:

Mindvalley University 2017 in Barcelona, Spain (the University’s first ever event) made such a huge impact on the life of L.A. entrepreneur, filmmaker, Mindvalley Tribe Member, and total badass, Skip Kelly, that he needed a way to get even more involved.

So, founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani, flew him out to the city that would become the next year’s Mindvalley University campus: the charming, captivating, cultural, and ground-breakingly innovative city of Tallinn, Estonia. Plus, Tallinn has the highest number of Startups per Capita in the world — making it an even more profound location for Mindvalley University campus 2018.

In this video, Skip excitedly shares his experience in Barcelona and takes us on a tour of just some of the wonderful places to experience in Tallinn, Estonia.


00:49 Tallinn, Estonia
01:40 Experience in Barcelona event
03:50 Eating Healthy in Tallinn
05:40 Awesome places of Estonia where we’ve been
06:46 Host place of 2018 MindValley University
07:04 Places to explore in this city

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