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  1. The numbers one, negative one, i and negative i all, when taken to the fourth
  2. power, equal one. In case you're curious about how exactly this works, I've
  3. written them all out for you here. I think probably taking negative i to the
  4. fourth power is the least intuitive of these, but we know that when we multiply
  5. two negatives together, the negative signs cancel one another our basically. So
  6. negative i times negative i is just i squared which is negative 1. So negative i
  7. to the fourth is really just negative 1 squared or 1. This is another way where
  8. imaginary and real numbers interact in a super fascinating way in my opinion at
  9. least. Who would have thought that there are all these different numbers that
  10. are multiplied by themselves 4 times equal to 1?