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  1. Hi. I'm Andy.
  2. I graduated college in 2009, and I started traveling the world, biking across the country,
  3. and basically living the life of a drifter.
  4. When I found out about Udacity, I decided this was the job for me.
  5. Last semester I TA'd Sebastian's class on Programming a Robotic Car,
  6. and this semester I'm going to be TAing Peter's class on the Design of Computer Programs.
  7. I'm going to be available in the forums to help you with your questions,
  8. I'm going to record supplementary videos when there's things that seem confusing,
  9. and I'll be there for you to yell at in case the grading scripts don't work,
  10. though I think we've got most of those bugs ironed out. See you in class.