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  1. Fruta...
  2. Is it OK?
  3. OK. But now eat your octopus gnocchi.
  4. All right then, mom. This is not a real octopus, right?
  5. No.
  6. Ok then. He doesn't speak and he doesn't have a head, right?
  7. Where is his head?
  8. There is no head. This is just his little legs, chopped up.
  9. Huh... but is his head in the sea?
  10. It is in the fishmongers.
  11. Did the man chopped it, like this?
  12. He did.
  13. Why?
  14. So that we can eat it, otherwise we would have to swallow it whole.
  15. But why?
  16. So that we can eat love, just like they chop the ox, they chop the chicken...
  17. Ahn? The chicken? Nobody eats chicken either.
  18. Nobody eats chicken?
  19. No... these are animals...
  20. Really?
  21. Yeah.
  22. But let's eat the nocchi? Eat the potatoes then.
  23. Only potatoes and rice.
  24. Ok.
  25. Octopus are animals.
  26. Ok.
  27. These are all animals.
  28. Fish are animals...
  29. Octopus are animals....
  30. Chicken are animals...
  31. Cow are animals...
  32. Pig are animals...
  33. Yeah...
  34. So, when we eat animals, they die!
  35. Ah yes.
  36. Why?
  37. So that we can eat, love.
  38. Why they die?
  39. I don't like because they die.
  40. I like them on their feet. Happy.
  41. So allright. We are not going to eat it anymore, OK?
  42. OK.
  43. These animals are for we to look after them, not eat!
  44. That's right, son. So just eat the potatoes and rice portions.
  45. All right. Why are you crying?
  46. I am not crying. I am just touched by you.
  47. I am seeing water dropping!
  48. Let's eat, no need to eat the octopus, OK?
  49. OK. So octopus will be like meet to me.
  50. Yeah?
  51. Ai! All the catchup in the tongue!