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  1. Okay, let's have a quick look at the
    triggers and the tags that you created.
  2. So the triggers,
    the new triggers are openScreen,
  3. which fires when the event equals
    openScreen and Daily Special Screen,
  4. which fires when the screen
    name equals Show Daily Special.
  5. So those were the triggers and
    then the tag that you created.
  6. We'll see, was a tag to send the Daily
    Special Screen Hit to Analytics.
  7. You created a variable for
    the Analytics account ID.
  8. The track type must be App View,
    App View.
  9. And you must set the screenName field,
    must be spelled exactly this way,
  10. to the value of the screen name
    that gets set in the code,
  11. which in our case is Show Daily Special.
  12. We only want it to fire when screen
    name equals, Show Daily Special,
  13. and when the event was open screen.
  14. In the process of doing that you have
    created the variable My Tracking ID,
  15. which is a constant who's value
    is your analytics account id.
  16. And if you did all that,
  17. you should see your hits coming into
    analytics when you run your app.