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Which is which - College Algebra

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    This first graph over here, this green one, is the graph of y equals x to the
  • 0:06 - 0:10
    5th. And this purple one is y equals x to the 6th. Notice that this does, in
  • 0:10 - 0:14
    fact, continue that pattern that we had started to pick up on over here. Just
  • 0:14 - 0:19
    like x squared and x to the 4th, x to the 6this shaped sort of like a U.
  • 0:19 - 0:25
    Although it's even steeper or skinnier, than the x to the 4th function. And it's
  • 0:25 - 0:30
    base looks to be a bit wider. So, as you move away from 0, the graph isn't
  • 0:30 - 0:34
    initially increasing very quickly. And then it shoots up really fast as soon as
  • 0:34 - 0:39
    we move past 1. Think about why this is y. You might want to make a T chart with
  • 0:39 - 0:44
    values at the input for the function smaller than 1, and see how the value of y
  • 0:44 - 0:49
    increases as x increases. Now, just like y equals x to the 3rd, y equals x to
  • 0:49 - 0:54
    the 5th has one tail, or one end of the graph pointing to negative infinity, and
  • 0:54 - 0:58
    the other pointing to positive infinity. Then we can see that y equals x to the
  • 0:58 - 1:03
    5th is, once again, a skinnier graph than y equals x to the 3rd. But it still
  • 1:03 - 1:06
    has pretty much the same shape. This is really interesting.
Which is which - College Algebra
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