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  1. For step 8, you're going to
    implement the resolveSignInError( ).
  2. Now we've seen this function
    a couple of times already.
  3. We put it behind
    the Signing In button and
  4. we also put it on
    the On Connection Failed.
  5. But what should this function do?
  6. It's a pretty complex function.
  7. So give it a try anyway.
  8. If you get stuck,
    the source code is available for you.
  9. But ultimately, what we want it to do is
    say, if we don't already have a sign in
  10. intent, then we want to
    start an intent server for
  11. our mSignInIntent that
    we created earlier.
  12. This start intent server will use
    a request code of RC_SIGN_IN.
  13. Now, if you remember earlier on when we
    tried to sign in, we had to do things
  14. like selecting the count or
    accepting the permission screen.
  15. That's what this intent will do for you.
  16. Try and implement this function and
    check this box when you're done.