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  1. The problem with debugging being time consuming and all
  2. actually translates into money and effort on a large scale.
  3. A commonly cited figure in the literature is that in any software project,
  4. at least 50% of the effort is spent on test and debugging.
  5. This number can even go up to 75%.
  6. According to study made in 2002, software bugs are costing the US economy
  7. only $59.5 billion a year and improvements in testing and debugging could reduce
  8. this cost of software bugs by a $30 billion or $22 billion a year.
  9. The main problem with debugging, however, is not that it takes time.
  10. The worst thing that it is a such process whose length is unpredictable.
  11. It can take anything between a few minutes, a few hours, and sometimes even days and weeks.
  12. Even if you don't know how much time it's going to take, be sure to use the systematic process,
  13. which gradually gets you towards the cause of the problem, but even if you never know
  14. how much time a bug will take, it's a bit of a blessing
  15. to use a process which gradually gets you towards its cause.