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San Diego Restorative Justice Mediation Program


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The San Diego Restorative Justice Mediation Program (RJMP) was founded in 1993 as the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP). RJMP primarily facilitated cases with juvenile offenders.

The Program was accepted well by the community. In 1998, the program hosted a Restorative Justice conference in San Diego, featuring former Police Chief and former Mayor Jerry Sanders and Presiding Judge of Juvenile Court James Milliken (now retired), and Alan Crogan, Chief Probation Officer (now retired).

In February, 2014 RJMP began facilitating cases referred by the San Diego Adult Probation Dept. Late in 2014 we plan to introduce a Victim Offender Education Program in a prison and county jail.

All of RJMP's facilitators are trained volunteers. They give their time and energy toward seeing juvenile offenders recognize the damage their crimes have done, and helping them reconcile with their victims.

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