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  1. (bright music)

  2. - [Offender] Usually, me and
    Raynard just go to the park
  3. to hang out and play and whatnot,
  4. and then out of curiosity,
  5. we just jumped the fence to the school.
  6. We walked around and then
    we found the open window.
  7. We were actually surprised
    that this was all happening.
  8. Wow, this is crazy.
  9. After we finished trashing the classroom,
  10. we bolted out and then
    went straight to my house.
  11. I can't believe that we just did this.
  12. - Came in to work and my
    finance secretary called me
  13. and she said, "Mr. Christman,
    you better come over here.
  14. "There's been a break-in."
  15. - [Offender] I felt really guilty
  16. because I knew the amount
    of damage was significant.
  17. - It had been completely trashed.
  18. I've seen tagging and broken windows,
  19. but nothing of this magnitude.
  20. - [Offender] There were pictures online.
  21. It was posted on a closed
    group page on Facebook.
  22. - I think it was the court
    system that contacted me
  23. and asked if I would be willing
  24. to go through the
    Restorative Justice process
  25. with the perpretators.
  26. - [Narrator] For the last 20 years,
  27. the Restorative Justice Mediation Program
  28. has been working to improve the lives
  29. of people affected by crime
  30. through Victim Offender Dialogue.
  31. - [Offender] When RJMP was
    introduced to my family,
  32. they were really happy
    and excited about it
  33. because they knew that it was
    a program that would help me.
  34. - I was able to facilitate a situation
  35. between the offender being juveniles
  36. and the victim being a school.
  37. - The kind of cases that work best
  38. for Restorative Justice
    Victim Offender Dialogue
  39. are cases where there's a clear offender
  40. and a clear victim.
  41. - So this empowers them
  42. and allows them an
    opportunity to have a voice
  43. and to directly address the person
  44. that's committed the harm.
  45. - At the moment that I experienced that,
  46. I saw that there was healing.
  47. - Something like Restorative Justice,
  48. where an offender has the opportunity
  49. to see the person who
    they offended face-to-face
  50. and to have dialogue with them
  51. will be, and always has been,
  52. one of the most important
    tools in rehabilitating.
  53. - This is a great opportunity
  54. for the victim and the offender
  55. to get together and have some closure.
  56. - [Offender] When I was in
    the same room as the principal
  57. and I did look him in the eye,
    and I did say, "I'm sorry,"
  58. it felt very relieving
  59. because I've always wanted
    to get that off my chest.
  60. I was really sad.
  61. I started crying because the principal
  62. was such a really nice guy.
  63. - Wow, the power of an apology,
    if it's a sincere apology,
  64. it's almost like completely removing
  65. any kind of ill-doing that
    was done in the first place.
  66. - I think it's hard to conceptualize
  67. if you just hear about this,
  68. that a victim and offender
    can really come together
  69. and leave different people,
  70. be completely transformed.
  71. - Transformation is
    what we're looking for.
  72. - The impact it's had on me is
  73. given me faith in humanity.
  74. - Transforming lives.
  75. Victims' lives, offenders'
    lives, their families,
  76. communities impacted by crime.
  77. - [Offender] We have worked a plan
  78. to help with the restitution.
  79. We are doing community
    service at the school.
  80. - I kind of stuck to my guns
  81. regarding the work that
    I wanted them to do.
  82. - [Offender] I actually enjoy the work
  83. because I know that I'm finally
    giving back to the school
  84. and I have a chance to right my wrongs.
  85. - They can change, they can transform,
  86. even under the worst circumstances.
  87. - My role in sending cases to RJMP
  88. is to ensure that the probation
    officers in our department
  89. know what's available out there
  90. for the victims and the offenders.
  91. - [Narrator] Victim/offender dialogue
  92. is not "soft on crime."
  93. It holds offenders accountable
  94. to victims, families, and communities.
  95. For offenders who complete
  96. a victim/offender dialogue program,
  97. the rate of re-offending drops up to 60%.
  98. Over 90% of crime victims who participate
  99. report satisfaction.
  100. - I think what we need from
    the community is support.
  101. We need people to talk to
    other people about the program.
  102. The other thing, frankly, that
    we can use from the community
  103. is financial support.
  104. This program is privately funded.
  105. It's funded by private
    foundations and individuals
  106. who are passionate about the work we do.
  107. - I would definitely recommend
    the program to other people.
  108. - [Narrator] San Diego needs
  109. the Restorative Justice Mediation Program.
  110. If you share our values
  111. for lasting, transformative,
    restorative justice,
  112. please join us and
    support our efforts today.
  113. Visit our website at
  114. Thank you.
  115. (logo zapping)
    (logo popping)