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  1. Big Θ is just one of a bunch of different functions that we can define,
  2. and there's a set that essentially corresponds to all the different ways you might
  3. want to compare a function.
  4. If f(n) is in little o(g(n)), that's kind of like saying f(n) is strictly less than g(n).
  5. It grows less slowly asymptotically.
  6. F(n) is in O(g(n))--there's our friend O--that's really like saying f(n) ≤ g(n).
  7. It might grow as fast as g(n), but it might be small.
  8. Θ is the one we just looked at, which kind of like equality--they grow roughly at the same rate.
  9. Ω--f(n) is in Ω(g(n)) means that it is an upper bound.
  10. F(n) is bigger than or equal to g(n).
  11. G(n) is a lower bound on f(n).
  12. The ω, analogously, is kind of like strictly greater than.