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  1. All right. There are a bunch of new concepts here.
  2. Let's start with init.
  3. Init creates a repository and
  4. doesn't directly relate to any of the other concepts currently on the map.
  5. So it seems pretty straightforward.
  6. We just want to connect it to repository.
  7. Since it does something with repository, it creates it.
  8. This is an operates on connection.
  9. There's only spot that makes sense for init, given this.
  10. The rest of these are a little bit trickier.
  11. Let's think about the staging area.
  12. You put things into the staging area before you make a commit.
  13. So it's pretty related to the concept of a commit.
  14. Git add and
  15. git status both work on the staging area to help you make the commits.
  16. Both of these are going to have operates on connections to the staging area.
  17. Status also shows you what's in your working directory, so
  18. it'll have an operates-connection to working directories as well.
  19. So this gives us enough information to fill in all of these.