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  1. Culture plays an important role in the foods to which we're exposed and
  2. therefore the foods that we eat. If you ever seen TV shows such as the Amazing
  3. Race or cooking competitions, you may have seen people cook foods that you
  4. normally wouldn't eat. For example, on one episode of the Amazing Race, the
  5. contestants had to eat frog Fallopian tubes. Now that was a delicacy for the
  6. people of that area, but it certainty wasn't so for the Americans. On cooking
  7. competition shows, I've seen people cook testicles, chicken feet, and even
  8. brains. Now again, some people may find that a delicacy and actually enjoy the
  9. flavor and taste, but many of us would not. However, if you found yourself in a
  10. starving or near-starving situation, the chances of you eating those types of
  11. food greatly increases. Now, we know that culture plays an important role in
  12. the types of food we eat. But did you know that culture also plays a role in
  13. our attitudes toward casual sex? We're going to talk about that next.