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  1. So let's look at our app now when
    we've implemented interstitial ads.
  2. So if we click on Interstitial Ad here,
  3. you can see that we have two buttons
    here now, Load Interstitial,
  4. Interstitial Not Ready, and
    Interstitial Not Ready is disabled.
  5. Once I click on Load Interstitial,
    the text of this button should change,
  6. we should get an onAdLoaded() callback.
  7. And once the interstitial is loaded,
    the text of this button should change to
  8. Show Interstitial, and it should
    be enabled, so let's try that out.
  9. So I click Load Interstitial here,
    title changes, onAdLoaded(),
  10. is called,
    Show Interstitial is now enabled.
  11. All right, so that works.
  12. Now if I press Show Interstitial,
    you can see onAdOpened() is called and
  13. we can see our interstitial ad.
  14. And if I click on it,
    onAdLeftApplication(), and
  15. we get into the details
    of the interstitial.
  16. Can go back, close the interstitial,
  17. the ad is closed, and now you see
    we're back to the original state.
  18. So what if I disable
    network connectivity here?
  19. So now we're in flight mode and
    pressing Load Interstitial should fail.
  20. So I press Load Interstitial,
    you see onAdFailedToLoad, so
  21. this is the callback with the reason for
    the error.
  22. And you can also see that we've
    displayed the error reason here and
  23. the button is disabled.
  24. All right, so everything works.