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This class will give you an introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms that enable you to discover how individuals are connected.


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  1. Hi! I'm Michael Lipman. I'm going to be teaching CS215 for Udacity.
  2. Let's go out on the street and ask people about social networks.
  3. [Michael] Are you familiar with social networks?
  4. -- Well, I use Facebook and Twitter.
  5. [Michael] So, are you familiar with social networks?
  6. -- Yes.
  7. Do you know what a social network is?
  8. [Michael] I know a little bit, my kids use Facebook. . .
  9. I'm not sure, what to do with it exactly. I don't know how it's effective.
  10. So are you a tweet, or you a tweet-ee, or a tweeter?
  11. [Michael] Tween? I think I'm a tween.
  12. [Laughs] No, I think I should know before I start talking.
  13. Unless you just wanna. . . you're already filming?
  14. [Michael] Oh! How many friends do you have on Facebook?
  15. Uh, like 435?
  16. [Michael] And you know everybody? You know all those people?
  17. I do! I only add people I know.
  18. [Michael] How many friends do you think your dog would have?
  19. Uh. . . Probably more than me.
  20. [Laughs]
  21. [Michael] So what do you think a social network is?
  22. I don't know, just really any type of connection between two people on a community level.
    [Michael] Excellent!
  23. [Michael] Do you think we have any friends in common?
  24. Um. . . probably not. No.
  25. [Michael] That's what people say. Yeah.
  26. [Michael] Do you think we have any friends in common?
  27. I don't know! I don't know enough about you to know that.
  28. [Michael] Not New Jersey. I'm from New Jersey.
  29. No, Jersey scares me.
  30. I know one person who lives in New Jersey.
  31. [Michael] Is it me?
  32. No. . . well, yes. Now I know two!
  33. [Michael] We are now connected in the social network. I don't even know your name.
  34. [Michael] No, that's true. Will you friend me?
  35. Um, probably not.
  36. [Michael] If you could name a single person that both of us know.
  37. Hi, I'm Shannon.
  38. [Michael] Now we know each other!
  39. [Michael] Any friends that we would have in common?
  40. I'm going to guess, yes.
  41. [Michael] Oh! So how would we figure that out?
  42. You would start talking about shared interest, or shared work fields
  43. and see if we knew anyone in the same field.
  44. [Michael] Let's just see where this goes.
  45. Well, I don't know her last name, but her first name is Marieanna.
  46. [Michael] I don't know any Marieanna's.
  47. [Michael] Any connection to New Jersey?
  48. Um. . . Ex-boyfriend! [Laughs]
  49. [Michael] Am I your ex-boyfriend?
  50. No.
  51. [Michael] So that's not a connection we can make.
  52. So, clearly walking around the streets talking to random people, is not a very efficient way
  53. to analyze your social network.
  54. For a more efficient way, take CS215! See ya there.
  55. Excuse me! Can you tell us what you know about social networks?
  56. Stunned, speechless. . . we'll have to find someone else.