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  1. Plastic.
  2. What a great invention.
  3. It has made our lives so much easier:
  4. from the everyday toothbrush
  5. to a straw that filters out
    the toxins in your water.
  6. But at the rate we are using plastic,
    there will be no earth left to save.
  7. We use plastic on a daily basis.
  8. But what we don't realize,
    it takes about 450 years
  9. for the average plastic bottle
    to biodegrade,
  10. and most of the time,
    it doesn't even biodegrade;
  11. instead, it turns into small bits
    of plastic called microplastic.
  12. Now, this microplastic
    and other plastic debris
  13. gathers in the middle of our oceans
  14. to make islands
    that are called garbage patches.
  15. These garbage patches can be
    three to four times the size of Texas.
  16. Now, I would like to take
    you on a journey
  17. of the average plastic bottle.
  18. A bottle starts in a factory
  19. where oils and other crude materials
    are mixed together
  20. to make the raw material
    of our plastic bottle.
  21. Now it's sent to another factory
  22. where it is molded
    and formed into the bottle.
  23. Then, another factory
  24. where it's filled with a sugary drink
    that we are addicted to.
  25. Then, it's sent to the store,
  26. where someone like you or I buys it,
  27. and we use it for 15 minutes.
  28. That's a minuscule part
    of our life and its.
  29. Then we throw it away -
    like it's no big deal.
  30. It makes me sad and angry
    that sometimes us as human beings
  31. can be so ignorant about how
    we treat our environment.
  32. Anyways, back to our journey.
  33. Somehow it ends up
    in the Mississippi River
  34. and flows down river
    to hit the Gulf of Mexico.
  35. From there it is swept up
    by the Northern Atlantic Current.
  36. It flows out in the middle of the ocean
  37. and hits the Northern
    Atlantic Garbage Patch.
  38. Out there, hundreds of animals
    die each day from plastic.
  39. Let's take the average
    sea turtle for example.
  40. So, the sea turtle will mistake
    a plastic bag for a jellyfish
  41. and will eat it as its meal.
  42. And the plastic tricks the sea turtle
    into thinking it's full,
  43. but in reality, it's not getting
    the nutrients it needs
  44. and soon will starve to death.
  45. When I heard about this,
    this made me so sad,
  46. and from then on, I've always
    wanted to help our planet.
  47. So, I know this sounds like a talk
    about how we are horrible
  48. and we can't do anything
    to save our earth,
  49. but I promise you it's not too late.
  50. Even if just choosing the can
    over the plastic bottle
  51. or choosing a piece of fruit
    instead of a bag of chips,
  52. every little thing you do
    makes a difference.
  53. We are the generation to save our oceans.
  54. So, let's do something about it.
  55. Thank you.
  56. (Applause)