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    Let's bring this to Woody-Woody Gurthrie
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    certainly one of the key figures in American folklore--we know he has been ill
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    and it's so hard to estimate the contributions of a guy like that
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    {Studs}:Oklahoma of course was his baliwick to begin with. How do you feel about Woody and song
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    {Pete Seeger:} Well,Woody taught me a great deal. Ah, when he left Oklahmoma he went to California along with a lot of other Dust Bowl refugees.
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    {Seeger:{: Then he came to New York where I was living at the time.
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    {Seeger:}and and I just latched on to him and he taught me a great deal. Ah. I have always thought of Woody in the same sense that I think of Robert Burns. Ah, ordinary guy who just had a fantastic gift for poetry.
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    {Seeger:} But he had no pretensions or ambitions to be a literary lion and his, his a, credo if anything was "an honest man's a noblest work of God."
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    {Seeger:{- And a-Woody has written most people don't realize how many songs he's written-thousands of them. Course they're not all good but not all of Robert Burns songs are good either.
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    {Studs;}-Remember the Library of Congress