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  1. One of the pioneers in computing was Admiral Grace Hopper.
  2. She was famous for walking around with nanosticks,
  3. which were pieces of wire that were the length light would travel in a nanosecond--
  4. 30 cm long.
  5. Grace Hopper wrote one of the first languages,
  6. and the language COBOL, which she is seen holding here next to UNIVAC,
  7. was for a long time the most widely-used computer language.
  8. She was one of the first people to think about writing languages this way,
  9. ["Nobody believed that I had a running compiler and nobody would touch it.
  10. They told me computers could only do arithmetic." Grace Hopper]
  11. and you have this quote when she talked about writing compiler,
  12. and a compiler is a program that produces other programs, like Python.
  13. The difference between a compiler and an interpreter like Python
  14. is the compiler does all the work at once and then runs the new program
  15. whereas with an interpreter like Python you're doing this work at the same time.
  16. But she had this great quote talking about no one believing that she could do such a thing,
  17. and they told her that computers could only do arithmetic.
  18. So far we've only seen computers do arithmetic.
  19. We're going to see lots more interesting things in our Python program soon.
  20. There's a link on the website to a video of Grace Hopper's appearance
  21. on the David Letterman Show where she gives him a nanostick.
  22. I hope you'll enjoy watching that.