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Judgement and decision making - Intro to Psychology

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    In this last section on language and thought, we're going to discuss judgement
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    and decision making. For example, when I was at home writing this lesson I kept
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    wonderign all day, should I eat that burrito that's in the refridgerator. Now
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    you may say, well that's a silly question. But not really if you think that the
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    way I answer it could have a profound effect on my health and weight. For
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    example, if I ate a burrito every day and didn't exercise, that could be
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    trouble for me. Every day we're faced with these types of situations and
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    questions. For example, are you going to go to that rock concert? What are you
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    going to wear today? Are you going to call that person back? So, in this
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    lesson, we'll learn about how we do make those judgments, and our decisions.
Judgement and decision making - Intro to Psychology
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