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  1. People tell me that we save their lives
  2. and I think, "Oh, we just
    gave you some food."
  3. And they say, "No, you saved my life.
    I was thinking of killing myself."
  4. 'Cause you don't understand
    the despair, the shame...
  5. we can't pay the rent,
    you can't feed your kids,
  6. and then you guys gave us some food.
  7. We provide nutritionally balanced food,
    sufficient for three days minimum,
  8. and it's all the things
    that you would need
  9. so that you could provide
    breakfast, lunch and dinner
  10. for yourself and the other people
    that are dependent on you.
  11. The people come in and meet with
    Foodbank volunteers
  12. who talk to them a bit about their needs,
  13. provide them with a hot meal
    there and then.
  14. They just sympathize with them
    in the difficulty they are going through.
  15. Every item of food has been donated
    by the people in the local community.
  16. We engage with schools,
    with businesses, with churches.
  17. The whole message is:
  18. "Would you help your hungry neighbor?"
  19. We get lots of feedback from clients.
  20. They tell us, "It's the first place
    I've been where people didn't judge me."
  21. Hundreds of social workers,
    church pastors, probation officers
  22. have sent their clients with vouchers
    to the Foodbank.
  23. (person on phone) It's for two adults
    and four children, isn't it?
  24. Our vision is really straightforward.
  25. We want to see a Foodbank in
    every community in this country.
  26. By 2015-16, we will be mobilizing
    more than 5 million people
  27. to do Foodbanks.
  28. That's 5 million people getting involved
    in the local communities
  29. and the lead is being taken by churches
    up and down the nation.