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Anderson Cooper Hosts a Night at the United Nations with superstar Beyonce and UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos to discuss World Humanitarian Day.


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  1. [The host Anderson Cooper]
  2. [applause and cheers]
  3. Thanks very much.
  4. Good evening.
  5. Good evening everyone.
  6. Thanks so much.
  7. So, is this what happens at the UN every Friday night?
  8. 'Cause... I gotta tell you...
  9. I wanna be here every Friday night if, like, this goes on.
  10. Um, I was here earlier today and heard Beyonce rehearsing, performing,
  11. and you are all in for a huge treat tonight so,
  12. um we really got a lot to look forward to,
  13. and we got a lot of interesting conversations before that.
  14. Sadly, I will not be dancing to my rendition of 'Single Ladies' tonight.
  15. [laughter]
  16. If you're lucky maybe next friday they can book me again for this.
  17. [I Was Here - World Humanitarian Day August 19