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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I love connecting people, helping them be included in their communities and enabling them to reach their potential.
I began working as a translator and interpreter (English <> Arabic) in 2018 working with a charity that supports the refugees from Syria and Iraq. I found working in this field very rewarding. By using my language skills and cultural knowledge I help to bridge cultures, break barriers and share information and help the voices of minority groups be heard.
I have experience working in face-to-face, phone and interpreting and have worked on assignments with the refugees, the people who support them, and members of their wider community including the police, the MP’s office and the University of Central Lancashire. Also I interpreted during business meetings and translate CVs.
I am dedicated to develop my career as a translator and interpreter and so I am currently studying towards the L3 Certificate in Community Interpreting as a stepping stone towards the L6 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting.
Moreover, I volunteer with several organisation as a subtitler of videos that span a variety of topics such as health and social care, culture and web development.
Lina Harb Tyson joined Amara on 12月 13, 2019.


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