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  1. Instagram: seungjuuuuuuu@sukinah4d
  2. Hi guys
  3. I'm gonna narrate a web drama today
  4. Let's go to the office
  5. I'm at the office now.
  6. Grace: Are you finally
  7. showing the office?
  8. Seungjae: really?
  9. Am I gonna be on the "Veiled " channel?
  10. Seungjae: Hello!
  11. Grace: Welcome to
    (sleepyhead Grace)
  12. Grace's "Veiled" channel
  13. Why do I look so swollen?

  14. Dirty: Hi, guys!
  15. Grace: Hello guys!
  16. Everyone, hello everyone!
  17. Dirty: Happy New Year...? (laughs)
  18. In March?
  19. Grace: Mr. Great Actor, have a seat.
  20. Let's try out the test.
  21. (Audio Interface)
    Haven't you tried this yet?
  22. Why do you have it then?
  23. Grace: Because I'm a singer.
  24. Some of you might know that,
  25. last year I filmed the webd, "19 logouts".
  26. Therefore, I'm here today to do the narration.
  27. (They may seem a little silly, but they are really cool and the best people I know)
  28. You're really good at editing.
  29. I didn't realize the editing could look like this while filming.
  30. (Monitoring my acting. It was really terrible ^^)
  31. (checking the part where the narration needs to be inserted)
  32. (narration)
    Why do you pretend as you don't know?
  33. Do you really not remember anything?
  34. Even so, do you still not remember?
  35. (It was difficult but I think I did well..)
  36. (HAHAHAHA...If you're curious head to "Yorakideul" channel)
  37. Finally, done with the narrartion.
  38. Where should I go now?
  39. I want to go play while I'm out.
  40. .
  41. .
  42. .