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  1. In this application,
    you saw the infrastructure for
  2. how Geo-fences work in Android.
  3. You saw how easy it is to set up
    Geo-fences, and how you can use
  4. an intent service to handle
    the transitions between Geo-fences.
  5. In this case,
    we hard coded several locations but
  6. there's no reason why you couldn't put
    your Geo-fence data into the cloud and
  7. have your phone dynamically update
    the number of Geo-fences that it tracks.
  8. So for example, if you wanted
    to have a virtual treasure hunt
  9. with locations that change every day,
    you could do so and
  10. have your app update them
    whenever it launches.
  11. There's just so
    much that you can do with Geo-fencing.
  12. Particularly, now,
  13. that the users carry these powerful
    mobile devices with them all the time.
  14. We scratched the surface
    of what you can do.
  15. But in doing so,
  16. we've built a powerful scaffolding
    that you can use in your future apps.