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  1. [VLOG]
  2. It's cold!
  4. [HOME]
  5. Ta-da!
  6. Hello everyone.
  7. I'm going out for a video shoot today.
  8. There are lots of outfits I have to wear today
  9. and I'm already wearing one of them in advance.
  10. I think I can just go and get changed again and again later.
  11. First, I have to turn off all the lights before I leave.
  12. Shall we get going?
  13. [ON MY WAY]
  14. [SALON]
  15. Guys...
  16. I'm at the salon now... I fell asleep.
  17. Hello!
  18. Hello.
  19. Where should I go? Where is he?
  20. I slept really well in the car.
  21. I fell asleep.
  22. [MAKE UP]
  23. Let me see your eyebrows.
  24. It's like the lines on grilled rip patties.
  25. Can I hit you on camera?
  26. Break your nose...
  27. Then I'll bring the video to the police.
  28. Maybe I got cut here?
  29. [HAIR]
  30. Done~
  31. Thank you.
  32. What do you think?
  33. Transformation finished!
  34. [ON MY WAY]
  35. After visiting the salon, I'm now going to work.
  37. I'm now going back to my shooting.
  38. I'm here to change in the middle of the shooting.
  39. It's so cold!
  40. It's so cold!
  41. It's cold.
  42. [SHOOTING]
  43. [I was on the show "Look & Me" on "Glam" channel on YouTube.]
  44. [Please watch the video when it comes out!]
  45. Hi guys.
  46. I'm almost done with the shooting!
  47. It will be over in a while, and I have already changed my clothes.
  48. I think there is just 30 minutes to an hour of filming left.
  49. We've been doing this for a while and my hair is now a mess.
  50. I should get going.
  51. Let's go!
  52. I'm back in the studio.
  53. We're almost done!
  54. But today was really fun.
  55. I'm not as tired as I thought and I feel fine.
  56. I'm in a good condition.
  57. See you later!
  58. The last part!
  59. Done! It was so much fun.
  60. Let's go home.
  61. [GOING OUT]
  62. [Mondrian Hotel Itaewon]
  63. I came to eat at a hotel with my friends.
  64. Hungry... So hungry...
  65. I'm so hungry I feel like my stomach is sticking to my back.
  66. [SMT China Room Mondrian Hotel]
  67. [Talking about me over sleeping...]
  68. He said 30 more mins, and I asked if
    he can get up after 30 mins, and he said he could.
  69. I really don't remember falling asleep
    after saying I need 30 mins more.
  70. When I opened my eyes... I just blinked and time has flown by.
  71. I think it will look better if you pull down the beanie a bit more.
  72. Thanks.
  73. Fold it up a bit thicker.
  74. Thicker? I don't know much about beanies.
  75. Let's look at the mirror. Should I do it like this?
  76. Put a little more space under the Carhartt logo.
  77. Like this?
  78. Yes, just like that, to the top of your eyebrows.
  79. To the top of my eyebrows?
  80. Won't it look more refreshing with the forehead showing?
  81. Your face will look smaller.
  82. A little lower, and cover your ears a bit.
  83. I got criticized the moment I got here... Like an appearance evaluation.
  84. I came to a hotel to eat with my friends.
  85. But I was criticized for my hat as soon as I got here.
  86. I pulled it down a bit and I think it does look better.
  87. What shall we eat?
  88. It looks so good.
  89. Was it shrimp or meat?
  90. Meat.
  91. Aren't they all meat?
  92. They're all meat?
  93. The juice is incredible. It's like a waterfall inside my mouth.
  94. Yum.
  95. I want to eat this with instant rice and kimchi.
  96. With a bowl of rice.
  97. And a piece of seaweed.
  98. It's so crunchy.
  99. So delicious.
  100. Done! We are done eating.
  101. [DRINKING]
  102. [PussyFoot Saloon]
  103. [This is a bar with an exotic atmosphere.]
  104. [The second floor looks like the interior of a train]
  105. [it's very unique and pretty.]
  106. [I was having a serious conversation with my friends, so I couldn't film properly.]
  107. [That's it for today's video, and I'll see you again next time!]
  108. [Thank you for watching today :)]