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A summary video of the work Ushahidi and others did during the crisis response in Haiti.

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  1. The past ten days has literally revolutionized
  2. humanitarian response. Never in the past
  3. have we been able to deal with the information vaccume
  4. that typically exists in the first 24-72 hours where
  5. there's just no information. Everybody's scrambling and
  6. nobody knows what to send, how much to send
  7. what have you, really what the extent
  8. of the impact is. In large part, thanks to Ushahidi's
  9. approach to information collection, ie "crowdsourcing"
  10. we were able to fill that gap. About a couple hours
  11. after the earthquake hit. I was basically watching CNN when
  12. I learned the news. I immediately called David Kobia.
  13. So, Patrick Meier called and asked me to set up an
  14. Ushahidi instance for Haiti. All in all it too about an hour
  15. to thow this up. We became inundated with traffic after that
  16. which we were highly unprepared for. Our servers
  17. kept crashing constantly. So this gave us an opportunity
  18. to really learn by doing. And this has been tremendous for us.
  19. We've been able to really add features that have been
  20. necessary from the beginning, but just haven't been there.
  21. How many software developers have a chance to work with
  22. the State Department, or with the Coast Guard to tell them,
  23. "Hey there's somebody stuck under a collapsed wall somewhere,
  24. "Here's their phone number. Here's where we think they
  25. are. Go find them." It's just so remarkable. Ushahidi as an
  26. African innovation. Here we are, at least I am, in Washington
  27. D.C. using this innovation coming from Africa to try to help
  28. people in Haiti... and leveraging volunteers all over the world
  29. I mean, it's really a flattened world. And so as we started to work
  30. together and realizing here's a great example of ordinary
  31. people together doing and extraordinary thing.
  32. We had an urgent request for a school near [place]. 100's of
  33. trapped children. The SAR team had originally been sent
  34. out by UN Dispatch. The had gotten to the location and
  35. realized that it was a wrong location and I ended up
  36. being able to give them an extremely accurate location
  37. and a SAR team made it out and... they managed to
  38. rescue some of the children who were trapped in there.
  39. It's really hard and totally heart-breaking to be reading
  40. these messages... it's literally life or death situations.
  41. People are dying and the faster you can get people onto the
  42. ground, the faster you can get them help. And
  43. that's one of the reasons I'm still here... because it feels
  44. like we're really making a difference. And that's what the
  45. people on the ground are telling us.