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Happy Mother's Day! We make movie reviews for busy moms! ❤️

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  1. Applause
  2. A: Hello, I'm Alex and this is Jack,
  3. and welcome to another episode of
  4. Movie Reviews for Mom.
  5. Moms are very very busy,
  6. and they don't have a lot of time
  7. to watch movies cause they're
  8. always doing stuff.
  9. Taking care of us.
  10. We take it upon ourselves to
  11. give all the moms out there
  12. a review of the movie
  13. that is about 1 to 2 minutes,
  14. so they can watch movies
  15. and get things done at the same time.
  16. Let's just jump right into it.
  17. Okay.
  18. Pirates of the Caribbean.
  19. A: You like that movie, right?
  20. J: Yeah!
  21. A: Yeah. J: Totally!
  22. A: We all know Captain Jack Sparrow.
  23. J: Jack Sparrow?
  24. A: What do you think of Jack Sparrow?
  25. J: Uhh, like his hair is kinda funny.
  26. A: Yeah his hair is pretty out there,
  27. it's a pretty ridiculous hairdo
  28. for a pretty ridiculous character.
  29. J: But anyways I don't know
  30. how he does that!
  31. A: No, me neither! So strange.
  32. Let's roll the movie review
  33. for Pirates of the Caribbean.
  34. Dramatic music
  35. J: Jack Sparrow
  36. J: fhwaaa
  37. J: I need to go buy treasure.
  38. J: Oh my goodness!
  39. J: Where's my tresure?
  40. J: Where's my treasure?
  41. J: I can't find my treasure.
  42. J: Smells like dough.
  43. J: Ooooooh, wow.
  44. J: hiyjah
  45. J: Treasure!
  46. J: Now,
  47. J: I gotta find that criminal.
  48. The one, that pirate, oh where is he?
  49. A: Oh no! Jack Sparrow, you found my gold
  50. J: I could not find it.
  51. A: We shall battle for my gold.
  52. [Pirates of the Carribbean theme song]
  53. A: That's my gold!
  54. [inaudible play fighting talk]
  55. A: Gimme back my gold!
  56. A: Help me!
    J: Die!
  57. J: Argh, I'm Jack Sparrow!
  58. A: Woaaah, that was a good one
  59. J: Yeaaaaaah
    A: That was pretty good
  60. A: So I guess Jack Sparrow is
    looking for his treasure,
  61. there's bad guys,
    typical kinda pirate movie.
  62. A: Do you think he got the treasure?
  63. A: Yeah, yeah, Jack Sparrow
    always gets the treasure
  64. A: Let's see what we have next
  65. A: Mad Hatter
    J: [excited gasp]
  66. J: I love Mad Hatter!
    A: Yeah
  67. A: Yeah Mad Hatter is pretty great
    J: Yeaaah
  68. A: What's the movie Mad Hatter is in?
  69. J: Alice in Wonderland
  70. A: Yes Alice in Wonderland
  71. A: Without further ado,
    let's take a look at the clip.
  72. J: I'm in the Mad Hatter
  73. A: yeah yeah
  74. J: And you harmed me
  75. A: yeah, yeah
  76. J: I'll get you a new hat
    A: I need a hat
  77. J: These are all the hats
  78. A: Oh wow that's a lot! That's a lot.
    I'm liking what I'm seeing already
  79. J: I noticed that you like baseball hats
  80. A: yeah yeah, this is nice
  81. J: Let's try this blue one first
  82. A: Oh wow, this is pretty nice!
  83. J: That looks very good
  84. A: I like it, [chuckle]
  85. J: I think we're done here
  86. A: Can I try on the other ones, or?
  87. J: That will be $100
  88. A: $100!!
  89. J: Do you have that kinda money?
  90. J: The Mad Hatter doesn't come cheap!!
  91. A: Do you take a cheque?
  92. J: Yep
  93. A: Okay, cool
  94. Funky Music

  95. A: Wow, that was great.
  96. A: So obviously the Mad Hatter has
    quite an extensive knowledge
  97. of all the different hats out there
    J: Yeah
  98. A: You played the Mad Hatter in this
  99. movie review didn't you?
    J: Yah, it was super good
  100. J: It takes hard work
  101. A: Correct me if I'm wrong but you studied
  102. for this role for about two years? To be
    the Mad Hatter?
  103. J: Yeaah
    A: We actually have the test footage
  104. from when you first put on the hat
    and started to become the character
  105. J: Yeah
    A: Let's take a look at that
  106. J: [slurp] Yummy!
  107. A: How about you ask me, give me the cup
    and "do you want some"?
  108. J: Umm yeah
  109. A: Say "do you want some?"
  110. J: Um yeah
  111. A: No no, repeat what I'm saying,
    say "do you want some?"
  112. J: Uhhhh, yeah
  113. A: This is what you're gonna do Jack
  114. I'm gonna give this to you,do
    the same thing I'm doing
  115. J: Do you wa-
    A: want some, yeah you say that
  116. J: Do you want some
    A: Yep
  117. J: And then it's me
  118. A: And then
  119. A: But you gotta say
    do you want some first
  120. J: I do
  121. A: No. you say that to me
  122. J: I do
  123. A: Do you want some
  124. J: Do you want some
  125. A: Sure, thank you
  126. A & J: Woaaah
  127. J: The face paint, definitely Jesus
  128. A: The face paint, right
  129. J: Yeah
  130. A: And was the hat heavy?
  131. J: Uh really heavy, I dunno
  132. A: Also a little known fact, the original
    actor Johnny Depp played
  133. both the Jack Sparrow and Mad Hatter
  134. J: And he built, and he actually did that
    Mad Hatter hat
  135. A: Yeah
    J: He built that
  136. A: Yeah, crazy
    J: He made that, I can't believe it
  137. A: Okay let's see what we have next here
  138. A: Sonic the Hedgehog
    J: That, that, that thing was like amazing
  139. A: Well let's take a look
  140. A: All right Sonic, this is Dr. Robotnik
  141. He's the bad guy.
  142. Intense music
  143. A: Whoa! That was super fast.
  144. J: I'm Sonic
  145. A: It's ok, I have another one.
  146. This is Super Sonic.
  147. He is like you but super.
  148. Anyways, I will just play with him.
  149. WHOA!!
  150. J: HEHEHEHE
  151. A: Are you gonna give me my toys back.
  152. J: If you can catch me.
  153. A: You're so much faster than me, kudos.
  154. Intense music
  155. A: Wow! You really did run really fast.
  156. And you took those toys.
    J: Yeah
  157. A: You took all the toys
    J: Yeah
  158. A: And did you have to practice?
    Did you run to get ready for that role?
  159. Alright, let's see what we have next.
    Chucky and Jason.
  160. J: Ohhhh that. I mean you.
    It's twist great.
  161. A: Yeah, there's a little twist at the end
    We wouldn't spoiler it for you.
  162. So let's take a look.
  163. A: Avocados
  164. Whaaaaa
  165. Suspension Music
  166. A: Weird
  167. J: Hello
  168. Ominous Music
  169. A: Hello?
  170. J: Hehe
  171. A: Wha?
  172. J: Hehehehe
  173. J: I'm Chucky!
  174. A: What?
  175. J: (deep voice)My name is Chucky.
  176. J: (whisper) I am Chucky
  177. Horror music
  178. A: Is somebody there?
  179. Hello?
  180. Screaming noises
  181. J: I'm Chucky
  182. J: WHOA!
  183. A: I'm Jason
  184. A: What movie do you wanna watch?
  185. J: The new Chunky movie.
  186. A: Ok, cool.
  187. By the way, I thought that was cool
    how you turn into the doll.
  188. And then, now, you're not the doll.
    I don't know how to do that.
  189. A: Wow, that twist.
  190. J: Wow, they were watching.....
  191. A: Goes to tell you that most movies
    have a happy ending
  192. J: Yeah
    A: no matter how creepy
  193. the characters are.
    J: (whsiper) Yeah
  194. A: Alright, let's see what's next.
    The Joker and Batman movie.
  195. J: That movie is definitely cool!
  196. A: Great movie.
    Wanna cut the Academy Awards.
  197. Let's take a look.
  198. J: Hello Batman.
  199. A: That's not me.
  200. J: I know you're Batman!
  201. A: No, I'm not Batman.
  202. J: Then what's this?
  203. A: That is just my hat.
  204. J: Fine.
  205. A: Ok, bye.
  206. A: That was a close one.
  207. J: I knew it, you are Batman.
  208. A: Ok fine, it's me, what do you want?
  209. J: Since you're the Batman
    and I'm the Joker,
  210. I was wondering if I can tell you a joke.
  211. A: Ok.
  212. J: Why does Batman always win that car?
  213. A: I don't know.
  214. J: Because he always gets the Joker.
  215. A: I don't get it.
  216. Pretty bad at jokes for being the Joker.
  217. J: Wow, that was like so cool and so mean.
  218. A: Yeah and you know
    for those moms at home
  219. watching these movie reviews.
    They really do save you a lot of time.
  220. I believe that clip was about 1-2 minutes.
  221. The movie, The Dark Night, with the
    Joker and Batman is like 2-3 hours long.
  222. J: And I got something,
    I learned a new laugh.
  223. A: Let's hear it.
  224. J: (evil laugh)
  225. A: Good job. High five.
  226. Alright, moving on.
    J: I know this one.
  227. A: Which one?
    J: Zombie
  228. J: (Zombie groans)
  229. A: How did you know
    how to act as a zombie in this role.
  230. J: I don't know
    how I did that pretty deep voice.
  231. A: Scary, very scary.
  232. J: Wow, I was like at the window and
    I just keep doing.
  233. A: Yeah, when the zombie got to the window
    that's just powerful writing.
  234. J: And my eyes were glowing.
    A: Yeah, your eyes were glowing.
  235. Great CGI effects.
    This next one is Guardians of the Galaxy.
  236. J: Dude I didn't like him, I was so rude.
  237. A: Yeah, you have that
    clashing of characters.
  238. J: Dude, this is the funniest.
  239. A: Let's take a look.
  240. J: They Groot, wanna have some fun?
  241. A: I am Groot.
  242. J: Come one, let's go!
    (Firing noises)
  243. A: I am Groot.
  244. J: Aww, nevermind.
    I'm early, I'ma go by myself.
  245. A: I am Groot.
    (Firing noise)
  246. J: I hit you, boop.
  247. A: I am Groot.
  248. J: I am going by myself, Groot!
  249. A: Wait for me. I am Groot. (repeats)
  250. J: Wha!
  251. A: No no no. Get back on the chair.
  252. Again with the clashing of characters that
    we see too often in featured length films.
  253. J: That was amazing.
    Like the ending is so funny.
  254. A: Yeah, hilarious.
    J: All he says is........
  255. So in the end, he talks.
    He doesn't say, Groot Groot.
  256. A: Yeah, he goes beyond his
    vocal restrictions.
  257. Ok, next one, we have Petter Rabit but
    we used a squirrel.
  258. Unfortunately, with the production budget
    that we have at this point, we couldn't
  259. afford an actual rabbit, but we did
    manage to find something quite similar.
  260. Let's take a look.
  261. A: Why don't you like pepperoni pizza?
  262. Squirrel: I don't like pizza.
  263. J: Why don't you like pepperoni pizza?
  264. Squirrel: I just like nuts.
  265. J: Nuts?! Nuts are gross.
  266. Squirrel: Pizza is gross. I want nuts.
  267. J: Pepperoni pizza is way better.
  268. Squirrel: Eww, pepperoni, that's gross.
  269. J: We don't have any nuts,
    but I can get you pepperoni pizza.
  270. Squirrel: Just give me nuts.
  271. J: Ok, I'm going to get you some nuts.
  272. A: Ok, let's go.
  273. J: Ok, close your eyes.
  274. Squirrel: What are we doing?
  275. [inaudible eating]
  276. J: Ok, let's go get some pepperoni pizza.
  277. A: Ok, let's go.
  278. Squirrel: Thank you!
  279. A: I think the squirrel worked.
    J: Yeah
  280. A: Right, I mean squirrels, rabbits.
  281. J: [inaudible mumbbling}
  282. A: Alright mom that's it for
    Alex & Jack's Movie Reviews for Mom.
  283. Join us next time with more movie reviews.
    Thank you for watching and
  284. J: Bye
    A: Bye. Happy Mother's Day.
  285. J: Happy Mother's Day.
  286. A: So we got to tell mommy and
    all of the other mommies out there
  287. on Mother's Day, what the movies are
    cause they don't have time
  288. to watch the movies.
    That's why we make our movie reviews.
  289. You see what I mean?
    J: Yeah
  290. A: So this is us talking about
    all of the movie reviews we made.
  291. You know what I mean?
    Ok, cool.