Impact, Clarity and Purpose - Global Voices Community-wide Editorial Meeting

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“The next big thing is not attention; the next big thing is trust”

Eric Scherer, the director of future media at France Television

In 2014, it is a lot harder to find well-written trusted blogs, there is much more propaganda on the Internet to sift through, and the most trusted netizens are using social media to write, which can be a polarizing echo chamber.  

To top it off, mainstream media has evolved. Many mainstream media organizations did not understand the "web" 10 years ago, now they have become much more social media and Internet savvy. Their voice is loud on the Internet - sometimes louder than us. We have an even bigger responsibility to take on the single-focused news agendas that mainstream media pushes in most regions of the world. 

So our role in this new online ecosystem is still about bringing the most unheard voices to the forefront, but it also has to be about correcting all the injustices that exist in mainstream media's representation of stories.

If we don't speak up for the most "misrepresented" voices, who will?

If we want the whole world to look like GV, we have to start having a dialogue with the world,  a dialogue that they can understand.

Some of the things we'll be discussing in this hangout:

Why do we want more impact?
What is our purpose? 
Are we achieving our mission?
Does editing stories hurt or help our mission?
Do we want an “unedited” public space to showcase writing from the community?
Do we want to take on the news agendas that mainstream media pushes?

Please send more questions in through the Q and A app.

Looking forward!
Sahar and Lauren