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  1. [Interlining]
  2. The name of the Swiss Robert
    Walser is still little known here.
  3. But he has already been
    admired by some of the
  4. greatest writers and
    intellectuals of the 20th century,
  5. and he has just had his most
    important book published in Brazil.
  6. See in the comment of our
    collaborator, Carlos Eduardo Ortolan.
  7. Swiss German-speaking writer
    Robert Walser belongs to the
  8. category of authors who have
    only been recognized posthumously.
  9. Alcoholic, after
    a life of mediocre
  10. literary success,
    and meaningless jobs,
  11. the depressive neurotic Walser
    would end his days in a psychiatric
  12. institution, in which he would say:
    "I'm not here to write, but to be crazy."
  13. The gallery of admirers of
    Walser's sparse work brings
  14. together Franz Kafka, who
    had him as a master and model,
  15. and, more modernly, Walter Benjamin,
  16. Elias Canetti, Susan Sontag and Coetzee.
  17. Walser's masterpiece, the
    novel "Jakob von Gunten:
  18. Um Diário", has just
    won a Brazilian edition.
  19. Jakob von Gunten's fictional memories
  20. in short, they talk
    about their time at the
  21. Benjamenta Institute,
    a school for boys,
  22. in which the strange character
    is admitted as a boarding student.
  23. Everything, however, sounds unusual at school.
  24. The boys, who are there to learn
    to be raised from noble families,
  25. strictly speaking, learn nothing
    but lessons in humility and behavior.
  26. There is a single book,
    the Institute manual,
  27. and a single teacher,
    Miss Benjamenta,
  28. sister of the owner
    of the Institution,
  29. who spends her days
    closed in her office,
  30. counting money and reading newspapers.
  31. Coming from an aristocratic
    family, von Gunten says all the
  32. time that he is there precisely
    to learn obedience and humility.
  33. But through his paradoxical
    logic, he constantly
  34. ridicules all values ​​of
    civilization and humanity,
  35. everything that is considered
  36. high, in a kind of
    impish arrivism,
  37. reminiscent of our Brás Cubas
    and their brazenness and cynicism.
  38. "You would give me the
    first place among mortals,
  39. "above science and wealth,
  40. "because you were the genuine
    inspiration of the heavens.
  41. "You would be the relief of
    our melancholy humanity."
  42. In Coetzee's words,
    "Essay dedicated to Walser",
  43. Gunten would be the
    kind of boy who, because of
  44. his deep contempt for
    everything human and moral,
  45. he could integrate Hitler's
    brown shirts in the near future.
  46. Strange allegory, the
    book of the apolitical
  47. Robert Walser shows
    the ruins of civilization
  48. and the approach of
    increasingly dark times.
  49. All very Kafkaesque
  50. - that is, the most faithful
    expression of a tragic reality.