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NatureNow: Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on the climate crisis

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  • AnonymousUser avatarANTINA ANTA commented 2 settimane, 4 giorni fa

    Some differences between Touch VPN and TOR, proxy and anonymizers in China.
    VPN works globally and redirects the full software installed on a certain computer through the system tunnel.
    Any request — via a browser, chat, cloud storage client, for example, dropbox - before coming to the recipient, rushes through the tunnel and is encrypted. Intermediate "machines", like Susanin, confuse traces of "your data" encrypt and decrypt only before sending it to the final destination: that is, to us. What!
    And in the end, a wonderful sense — the final destination of the request, for example, a site where we would not want to leave our mark)) does not record the user\'s data (our), not our geographical location, etc. and so on... BUT !! VPN server data.
    that is, it is theoretically difficult to track which sites the user is interested in (and visits) and what they are working on (our interests are secret)).
    To a certain extent, VPN analogues can be fairly considered anonymizers, proxy and TOR, however-all these listed buns, in some ways, are great losers and inferior to virtual private networks-VPNs.