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  1. (music)
    [Our story]
  2. "Soul of the eighties, I want to be with
    you. I need you to come back."
  3. The history of a country is not only
    a list of its presidents,
  4. nor the record of their most important
    historical events.
  5. The story of a country also takes place
    in the houses of it's citizens.
  6. It passes, immortalized in the memories of each family.
  7. And that memory is weaving the fabric.
    Out of each of those memories comes
  8. the thread of something immense that
    forms the identity of a nation,
  9. made up of millions of lives.
  10. So, from time to time it is important
    to stop, look back, and understand.
  11. To understand how we got here. How we are
    all a product of what happened
  12. in our times. And of our decisions.
  13. I am fifty-three years old.
  14. My name is Francisco Robles, just like
    my dad.
  15. "Paco", for those who have
    known me forever.
  16. And today I feel the need to remember my
    sixteenth year, in 1978.
  17. When I stopped being a child, and became a man
  18. that day by day made his story.
    Our story.
  19. (sound of a horn)
  20. (background chatter)
  21. Good morning!
  22. Good morning.
  23. Ten tolete breads, please.
  24. Good morning.
  25. Morning.
  26. Good morning Fransisco.
  27. Hello Rose. How are you?
  28. Eighteen soles, young man.
  29. What, ten pieces of bread aren't
    fifteen soles?
  30. Yesterday the unit only rose eighty,
  31. There's always a price raise.
  32. The usual?
  33. Yes.
  34. Fransico, what's up half-pint?
  35. (laughs)
  36. The next time you go out to buy bread,
    come bathed and look nice
  37. so Veronica will think you're handsome.
  38. Why does it matter what I look like? We've
    known each other since we were four.
  39. Bye!
  40. Bye.
  41. Non sincronizzato
    What are you going to buy, young man?
  42. Non sincronizzato
    Has the price of a roll also risen?
    And the croissants?
  43. Non sincronizzato
    (motorcyle rumbles)
  44. Non sincronizzato
    (rock music)
  45. Non sincronizzato
    Has my dad left?
  46. Non sincronizzato
    He left early to go to the store.
  47. Non sincronizzato
    Your mom will worry about you. Why don’t you tell her that you’re not going to be there to sleep?
  48. Non sincronizzato
    since there’s a telephone at home.
  49. Non sincronizzato
    Bruno! It would kill my mom if I was out all night,
  50. Non sincronizzato
    at least let her know.
  51. Non sincronizzato
  52. Non sincronizzato
    Yes, love?
  53. Non sincronizzato
    Have you seen my electric shaver?
  54. Non sincronizzato
    No my pet.
  55. Non sincronizzato
    Thanks Dad.
  56. Non sincronizzato
    A miracle you’re not clean yet. Come out already, you’ve been in there a half an hour. Come out.
  57. Non sincronizzato
    I can’t, I’m naked.
  58. Non sincronizzato
    You're so cool, because you take so long
  59. Non sincronizzato
    The boys need to shower too, enough.
  60. Non sincronizzato
    Well, they need to shower earlier.
  61. Non sincronizzato