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  1. And now back to Steven Mittens
  2. Science Theater.
  3. I'm uh,I'm glad you could make it tonight.
  4. (Chip bag being opened)
  5. Just tell me already.
  6. I, I can't wait!
  7. (Bag crinkling)
  8. (Crunching on popcorn)
  9. You see when, uh, a man and a woman
  10. get together, something very special
  11. happens. (crunching cereal)
  12. You see, there is something inside
  13. of me, Desiree.
  14. (Mumbling with a mouth full of burrito)
  15. Something inside of me
  16. that wants to get out.
  17. Oh shnoodles, it's ok!
  18. I think I know what you
  19. want to say already!
  20. (crunch of biting into lettuce)
  21. Don't rush me.
  22. Just say it!
  23. Just tell me how you feel.
  24. I... (apple crunching)
  25. I can't wait any longer!
  26. Can you just please tell me
  27. what you want to say?
  28. Mumbling: this is so hard.
  29. You look so handsome eating.
  30. (Crunching carrot)
  31. (Slurping watermelon)
  32. I'm pregnant.
  33. Hello, my name is Steven Mittens the third
  34. Are you pregnant?
  35. (Mispronouncing the word pregnant)
  36. Are you with child?
  37. Being with a child is one of
  38. the most common forms
  39. of eating excessively.
  40. Don't eat excessively!
  41. Please, we don't want to make
  42. more people in this world bigger.
  43. We want to make 'em smaller!
  44. So please, don't eat excessively.
  45. I'm Steven Mitten's the third.
  46. (music) DAMN!
  47. Here, I'll do it. (random noises)
  48. Hey! You might be asking yourself,
  49. "What did I just watch?"
  50. A random internet funny video.
  51. and if you don't like it,
  52. then you can just...
  53. (forboding music)
  54. Ouch! Ouuuuch! Charlie!
  55. The hells goin' on man?
  56. Who are you?
  57. I'm Batman. You know like
  58. (singing batman theme song).
  59. Why do you got your finger
  60. in my sidekicks mouth?
  61. They're just random.
  62. Yeehaw! Way to go cowboy!
  63. I get it now.
  64. I like horses 'cause they go clipity clop.
  65. If you guys want to see another skit
  66. that me and Mora did, click here.
  67. (clicking noises)
  68. It's not working.
  69. Lighting Round!
  70. You're awesome!
  71. Thanks, you are too.
  72. What's your favorite band ever?
  73. Creed! Duh!
  74. (singing a Creed song)
  75. hahahaha!
  76. Are you serious?
  77. Yeah, it's probably Blink 182.
  78. Think you can do a handstand
  79. for 5 full seconds?
  80. Just grab my feet.
  81. Just grab my feet.
  82. I don't think this counts.
  83. No, it's gonna work!
  84. Alright! They don't know.
  85. Just count to 5.
  86. Do you go big or go home?
  87. I go home 'cause it's cold outside
  88. and I have a fireplace that keeps me warm
  89. with sheets.
  90. Wow! That was fun!
  91. Yeah, except we didn't
  92. get struck by lightening.
  93. (lightening strike)
  94. Anyways, guys, thanks for watching
  95. and be sure to check out
  96. the video I did with my friend
  97. from breakfast for dinner right here
  98. on my second channel.
  99. I play... a coffee drug lord and
  100. we explore the world of gourmet cooking.
  101. (kissing sound)
  102. Thanks for watching the show, everybody!
  103. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook
  104. and Google+. Whooooo!
  105. Hey, if you could fly what would you do?
  106. (music)