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  1. Catalina, tell me a bit about
    your experience here
  2. at the 'Hiperbarrio-Convergentes' project?
  3. Basically, not only for me but also for
    all of us involved in the initial stages
  4. of the project, we saw 'Convergentes'
    as an opportunity to talk at ease,
  5. to do things differently to being
    at University, school or at home,
  6. and to learn how to communicate.
  7. Communicaction is a basic necessity
    for human beings.
  8. My main reflection on 'Convergentes' is
    that it has been a vindication for people.
  9. At the start of the project,
    and I guess now too,
  10. there have always existed
    multiple personalities,
  11. but that never prevented people
    from working.
  12. Instead, Gabriel and all
    those taking part in the process,
  13. always saw it as a matter of
    us claiming ourselves.
  14. You are what you feel and
    what you want to express, right?
  15. So, as a result of that, I think
    something in a lot of the kids clicked,
  16. because the kids were the ones
    who came from complex family contexts,
  17. they found a place where they
    weren't being asked
  18. Why is your hair like that? Why are you late?
    Why do you think that? Why are you playing the guitar?
  19. Why are you singing? Why are you shouting?
  20. It turned into a way of pursuing
    answers to those questions at that age
  21. at the time what were we?
    14 or 15?
  22. So it was a place where you could
    express yourself, and as often said,
  23. in the moment of expressing yourself,
    you feel a little freer.
  24. And by feeling freer, you'll be
    a little calmer.
  25. So, I think
  26. that's what the project was built on.
    It's been changing constantly,
  27. but its essence remains, whenever someone
    goes to the 'Convergentes' meeting point,
  28. whether when it began or now, they will
    never feel excluded or stigmatized.
  29. Do you still feel part of the project
    on a personal level?
  30. Not really, as being part of the project is
    being there physically as well as virtually.
  31. It's been a while since I physically
    set foot there, for various reasons,
  32. and being part of a project requires being
    involved in the decision-making processes
  33. and putting forward ideas, but it's been
    a while since I've done that.
  34. But it still holds a place in your heart,
    so you sometimes wonder
  35. what have they published? what
    have they written?
  36. what are they doing now? what's happening
    with 'La Loma'?
  37. So I'm part of its history I guess,
    but not its present.
  38. Juan: OK, thanks.