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Cati Restrepo talks about Hiperbarrio and Convergentes.

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  1. Catalina, tell me what you think about your experience here in the Hiperbarrio-Convergentes project.
  2. Basically, Convergentes became, I think not just for me but also for the group that participated since the very beginning,
  3. in a chance to chat quietly, to do things besides just attending university or school or being at home
  4. and a chance to learn how to communicate.
  5. ÂżRight? Facing the need for communication that is innate in each human being
  6. the basic consideration I highlight when consulted about the topic is that Convergentes affirms the human aspect,
  7. in other words, there were here at the beginning, and now alike, diverse personalities,
  8. but it was not an obstacle to work,
  9. but it meant that Gabriel and the rest of us that participated in the process
  10. were always determined to affirm the human aspect.
  11. You are what you feel, you are what you want to express,
  12. ÂżRight?
  13. Then, since now on, I think that many of the children experienced a turning point
  14. since they came from complex family background
  15. and here they found a place where no one was asking them
  16. Â Why do you wear your hair like that?, Â Why do you arrive late?, Â Why do you think that?, Â Why are you playing the guitar?
  17. Â Why are you singing?, Â Why are you shouting?
  18. it became a way to affirm those quests typical of that age,
  19. Â Right?
  20. when you were  What? 14 or 15 years old.
  21. Then, it was a space...to find a way of expression, or as it has been said many times,
  22. when expressing one feels freer,
  23. then, the fact of feeling more free will make you more calm.
    Then, taking this into account
  24. I think that the project has developed, it has undergone a number of changes and it has diverses sides,
  25. but the essence persists, this means that when someone
    -from the beginning of the project or a new member, arrives to the meeting point of
  26. Convergentes he will not feel strange or excluded,on the contrary he will feel at home,
  27. on a personal level, Â Do you still feel part of the project?
  28. Not really, since ...being part of the project demands physical presence not only virtual involvement.
  29. Let's say that a long while passed since I had physical presence due to
  30. a number of reasons and being part of a project implies being involved in decision making
  31. and being there proposing ideas and I am not participating that way for quite a long time now
  32. but it remains a place in my heart, then,from time to time one gets in touch to know the last piece of gossip
  33. Â What did they publish recently? Â What did they write?
  34. Â What are they doing? Â What is going on in La Loma?
    then, Â Are you taking part? No, I'm not
  35. One could say that one was part of the history of the project but not currently.
  36. Juan: OK, thanks.