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  1. Aloha brothers and sisters,
  2. mothers and fathers,
  3. aunties and uncles,
  4. and grandmother and grandfather.
  5. Today I [interrup ted by loud music]
  6. [music stops] Cut the racket, Jeffery.
  7. Jeffery: I sorry
  8. Ah sorry, where was I... Oh yeah,
  9. I'm here to tell you about
  10. the New Years' Eve Party of the Year!
  11. That's right everybody!
  12. [plucks guitar strings and sings badly]
    [loud sigh]
  13. Cut the racket, Jeffery.
  14. Jeffery: I sorry
  15. That's right! Roadrunner and Bud Light
  16. present the New Years Party of the Year!!
  17. [badly plays violin]
  18. Cut the racket, Jeffery. [music continues]
  19. Cut the racket, Jeffery!
  20. Jeffery: I sorry.
  21. Psh... this guy.
  22. Featuring over 30 DJs and bands!
  23. Performing... [cut off by drums]
    George, George, George of the Jungle
  24. [sigh]
  25. Featuring over 30 DJs and bands,
  26. Performing live in front of your faces!
  27. That's right [drumming interrupts]
  28. Jeffery!
  29. [drums again]
  30. Cut the racket, Jeffery!!
  31. [drums again]
  32. Cut the racket, Jeffery!!
  33. [bangs again]
  34. Cut The Racket, Jeffery!!
  35. [laughs]
  36. Jeffery: I sorry Uncle.
  37. [drum dragging along floor] [Sigh]
  38. Yeah. So, the party of the year!!
  39. That's right Hawaii,
  40. get excited!
  41. You ready to rock out to the
  42. [begins strumming guitar]
  43. [exasperated sigh]
  44. Jeffery: I like be like Jack Johnsalonko.
    [strums again]
  45. Ahh!
  46. Jeffery: Okay, I sorry.
  47. Jeffery: I sorry.
  48. And here's the finale,
  49. join us at midnight when we launch the
  50. Ultimate Firework Show!!!
  51. [imitates firework] [piano begins]
  53. [piano stops]
  54. Cut the Racket, Jeffery!!!
  55. Jeffery: What?
  56. Bra you're so annoying bro
  57. Jeffery: Oh, I sorry Uncle.
  58. 21 and over, that's right Hawaii
  59. be there at Aloha Tower Marketplace for
  60. the Roadrunner Bud Light New Year's
  61. Party of the Year!!
  62. Okay, now Jeffery you can cue the music.
  63. [silence]
  64. Okay, now Jeffery.
  65. [silence]
  66. Where'd he go?
  67. [music]