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  1. The next step is to monetize a new app.
  2. So we click on this button here.
  3. And that brings us to the page
    where you can add your app.
  4. So how does AdMob know about your app?
  5. It does so by searching in the Google
    Play store or in iTunes App Store.
  6. Yes, that means that before you
    can connect your app to AdMob,
  7. it must be available on
    one of these two outlets.
  8. So the Google user I registered
    the AdMob account with
  9. has already published an app
    to the Google play store.
  10. So I will search for it here.
  11. And as you can see,
    I've found the app here.
  12. And I will select this app and
    attach it to the AdMob account.