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  1. Hi, I'm Jocelyn, and I'll be teaching
    you how to add code to your mobile app
  2. so you can track usage data,
    and Google Analytics.
  3. I'll also introduce you to Tag Manager.
  4. Using Tag Manager, you can make
    configuration changes to your app,
  5. without having to redeploy the binary.
  6. And you can also manage the tags
    to send data to analytics.
  7. This course assumes you know
    how to build an Android app and
  8. how to add the Google API client library
    to your project in build.gradle.
  9. The course uses a skeletal sample
    app that helps you figure out
  10. what's for dinner.
  11. This app is already built for you.
  12. Your task will be to add the code
    to send data to analytics and
  13. to use Tag Manager variables
    to dynamically update the app.
  14. This course focuses on how to
    add code to your mobile app
  15. to use Google Analytics and Tag Manager.
  16. It does not teach everything
    about the Google Analytics and
  17. Tag Manager dashboards.
  18. There are excellent
    alternative resources for
  19. learning about both of these.