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Amara is home to an award winning subtitle editor, many different video localization and accessibility communities, plus a range of professional solutions that make it easy to caption and translate video.

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  1. Amara makes video globally accessible
  2. with captions and translations.
  3. It was designed
    with three audiences in mind.
  4. First, if you are a video creator,
  5. Amara can help you make subtitles
  6. with the easiest to learn
    software in the world.
  7. It’s collaborative, like Wikipedia,
  8. so you can invite friends
    and audience members to help out.
  9. Second, if you are
    passionate about accessibility
  10. like we are
  11. you can join one of dozens of
    communities on Amara that do things like
  12. caption videos for deaf
    and hard of hearing users
  13. and translate videos
    into dozens of languages.
  14. Third, if you are working with video
  15. and need professional grade tools
    or On Demand subtitles,
  16. Amara can help.
  17. So, whether you are an individual,
  18. a community member
  19. or an organization using Amara,
  20. you are supporting Amara’s mission
    to ensure that everyone has access.