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  1. ♪ (whimsical music throughout) ♪
  2. (narrator) Atom is a text editor
    for the 21st century.
  3. It's engineered for approachability
  4. and fully-featured right out of the box,
  5. which helps ignite your productivity
  6. from the first time you launch it.
  7. But it's also hackable to the core,
  8. offering the same extreme flexibility
  9. you'd find in classical editors
  10. without requiring you
    to twist all the wires yourself.
  11. In this video we'll look at how
    to tune Atom using Settings,
  12. Custom Keybindings,
  13. Themes,
  14. and Packages.
  15. The easiest way to start configuring Atom
  16. is to open up your Editor Settings.
  17. Your Core Settings contain fields
    for common preferences,
  18. like your File Encoding type
  19. or defining globally ignored
    files and paths.
  20. You can also specify a default directory
    for Atom projects here.
  21. Your Editor Settings
    allow you to customize
  22. the way text is displayed
    in your Editor window.
  23. These properties let you
    set your font and tab size,
  24. or toggle visual helpers,
    such as line numbers,
  25. indent guides, and even invisibles.
  26. They have predefined
    defaults for you to use,
  27. but they're easy to customize
  28. if you want to make adjustments
    here or there.
  29. The Keybindings tab
    in your Atom settings
  30. shows you all
    of the handy keyboard shortcuts
  31. that are available to you.
  32. Atom comes preloaded
    with a core set of keybindings,
  33. but this list grows as you extend Atom
  34. with third-party tools and packages.
  35. If you need to find
    a particular shortcut quickly,
  36. you can use the Search box
    to filter this list.
  37. If you need to override
    a particular keybinding
  38. or want to create one from scratch
  39. you can directly edit your Keymap file.
  40. Atom uses CoffeeScript Object Notation
  41. to manage keybindings in this file,
  42. so shortcuts are easy to read
    and simple to create.
  43. There's even a predefined snippet
    for creating a new keybinding.
  44. Just type key and press Tab.
  45. Atom expands the snippet
    into a convenient template for you.
  46. Speaking of snippets,
  47. the Snippets file
    in your Atom configuration
  48. lets you define text-expansion shortcuts
  49. for bits of code or text
    that you use frequently.
  50. Like keybindings,
    snippets are also written
  51. in CoffeeScript Object Notation,
  52. and Atom even has a snippet
    for creating snippets.
  53. Just type snip, and press Tab.
  54. You'll have a sample snippet
    which you can modify
  55. to define its scope and behavior.
  56. The Themes tab in your Settings
  57. lets you customize the visual styling
    of your editor's UI elements,
  58. as well as the syntax highlighting
    within the editor itself.
  59. Themes are collections
    of style rules, written in LESS,
  60. which is just a superset of CSS.
  61. Atom comes prepackaged
    with a handful of themes
  62. to give you plenty of options
    to start with,
  63. but there are hundreds of themes
    available for you to try out,
  64. all of which were created
    by your fellow Atom users.
  65. To install a theme, just click on
    the Install tab in your Settings
  66. and choose one of the Featured Themes,
  67. or search for something
    you like even better.
  68. If nothing catches your eye,
    or maybe you installed a theme
  69. but want to make a few adjustments,
  70. you can override any styling
    by creating custom rules
  71. in the styles.less file
    of your Atom configuration.
  72. Atom comes brimming with functionality
  73. from the first time you launch,
  74. but like any modern text editor
    worth its weight in ASCII,
  75. it's extensible on all fronts.
  76. You can install packages that enhance Atom
  77. with everything from
    syntax-specific snippet libraries
  78. to entirely new UI elements.
  79. Like themes, Atom comes
    with a handful of core packages,
  80. and you can manage
    all of your installed packages
  81. in the Packages tab.
  82. Notice that you can even disable
  83. or completely uninstall the core packages
  84. to help jettison any unnecessary weight
    that might slow you down.
  85. In addition to the core packages,
  86. there are over 2,000
    user-contributed packages
  87. available from the Atom community.
  88. Just use the Install tab
    to find a package
  89. that gives you that extra functionality
    you're looking for.
  90. Whether you want
    a user-friendly text editor
  91. that simply works out of the box,
  92. of you prefer an environment
    that lets you roll your own experience,
  93. Atom has everything you need.
  94. After all, Atom isn't just a text editor,
  95. it's your text editor.