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Appraisals in another situation - Intro to Psychology

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    Now try the same thing for this scenario. Matthew forgot his bus pass at home,
  • 0:04 - 0:09
    and when he was about to get on the bus, he realized this. He became very
  • 0:09 - 0:14
    upset, and this caused a negative emotional reaction. While walking to school,
  • 0:14 - 0:17
    instead of riding the bus, he thought more carefully about the situation. And
  • 0:17 - 0:22
    realized that at he least he didn't lose the bus pass, it was safely at home.
  • 0:22 - 0:26
    So, he didn't have to spend money to replace it. Also, he realized that it was
  • 0:26 - 0:30
    good to get outside and enjoy some exercise on his walk to school. Identify the
  • 0:30 - 0:34
    part of this scenario that was a primary appraisal and the part there was a
  • 0:34 - 0:38
    secondary appraisal. Type your responses in these two boxes.
Appraisals in another situation - Intro to Psychology
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