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  1. All right, so now it's your turn
    to implement an interstitial ad.
  2. Here's a check list so you can keep
    track of all the things you need to do.
  3. First of all in the load
    interstitial method, I want you to
  4. create an interstitial ad object and
    assign it to the member of the class.
  5. Then set the ad unit id to
    the test interstitial ad unit id
  6. that we just looked at.
  7. Create an ad listener that
    inherits from toast listener and
  8. overloads the following methods.
  9. When onAdLoaded is called,
    the show button should be enabled.
  10. And when onAdFailedToLoad is called,
    there should be an error message, and
  11. the button should remain disabled.
  12. Then create an AdRequest and
    load the interstitial ad.
  13. For the showInterstitial method check
    to confirm that the ad is loaded and
  14. then show it.
  15. Then reset the button
    by disabling it and
  16. setting the text to loading
    interstitial again.
  17. Check this box when you are finished.