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  1. Building a business is hard.
  2. As an entrepreneur, not only
    do you need a solid product,
  3. but you need to secure investment,
    find co-founders, hire employees
  4. and complete countless of other tasks
    in pursuit of your goals.
  5. But being an entrepreneur comes
    with a ton of responsibilities,
  6. like the freedom to be your own boss
  7. and the chance to make a
    lasting impact on the world.
  8. Throughout this course, you're going
    to get expert advice from Googlers,
  9. from co-founders of companies,
    like CrunchBase and UpWest Labs,
  10. from investors of accelerators,
    like NFX Guild
  11. and from other Silicon Valley
    business experts.
  12. All this expertise comes together
    in this course to help you define
  13. your business goals,
    build your team around your product
  14. and get financing to help
    grow your startup.
  15. By the end of this course,
    you can have the confidence
  16. in your product and your business.
    From there, you'll be in great shape
  17. for the build that product out,
  18. [inaudible], apply to an accelerator,
    or just bootstrap your way to success.