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  1. So as Doctor Rosenberg just discussed there were lot of applications of Ekman's
  2. Research. First it demonstrated that emotion can be studied reliably and
  3. objectively through the face. And secondly it led directly to the development
  4. of the Facial Action Coding System, anatomically based analysis of the human
  5. face. And then lastly, FACS has been applied in many different settings, from
  6. film animators to the development of a TV show called Lie to Me. Which was
  7. based on Ekman's research
  8. >> But it's also been used very widely by emotion researchers themselves as well
  9. as people who study deception. So as you can see here, there's many
  10. applications of emotion research. And now, we're going to go to Lauren who's
  11. going to ask you another question about emotion and facial expression.