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01-04 Expected_Friend_Type

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  1. Here is your Facebook or G+ page, and of course you're smiling.
  2. On it is your list of friends, and we already know it's either 80 or 20 friends.
  3. In expectation it's 50 friends.
  4. Let's pick a random one of your friends, like this one.
  5. This person will also have a Facebook or a G+ page.
  6. Before I raise the question how many friends this person has,
  7. let's consider that this might be either a type A or a type B person.
  8. Keep in mind that type A have 80 friends and type B have 20 friends.
  9. The question I have for you is what are the chances you picked a type A friend?
  10. This should be a number between 0 and 1.
  11. I'm also going to ask you for the opposite.
  12. What are the chances you picked a type B?
  13. Please enter both numbers, and these numbers should sum up to 1.
  14. Submit and then next.
  15. I should warn you this is a challenging question.
  16. If you don't get this right, don't worry.
  17. This is the type of stuff you'll know when you've taken the class.
  18. I just want to tease you a little bit in the beginning.